S-300FM anti-aircraft complex (Fort M)

С-300ФМ "Форт-М"

Complex S-300FM "Fort-M" is designed to defend the order of ships from massive attacks of various means of air attack: aircraft, anti-ship cruise missiles, including maneuvering and flying at extremely low altitudes.

Designed by the State Research and Production Association "Altair" and the Moscow Design Bureau "Fakel".

Unlike its predecessor - the Fort anti-aircraft system, the Fort-M SAM system can fire up to 6 targets simultaneously at a distance of up to 150 km and successfully fight anti-ship missiles at altitudes up to 10 meters. Expansion of the kill zone is achieved by improving the energy characteristics of the transmitter and the sensitivity of the receiving channels.

On the cruiser "Peter the Great" (pr. 1144.2), installed nose complex S-300FM "Fort-M" . Thus, the cruiser "Peter the Great" is armed with one complex S-300F with 48 missiles 48H6 and one complex S-300FM with 46 missiles 48H6E2.

The complex is proposed for export under the name "Reef-M".

The Chinese destroyers of Project 051C Luzhou (DDG 115 Shenyang, 7100 tons, 2 units, DDG 115-116, in service since 2006-2007) are armed with the Rif-M missile system. One launcher of 2 reels of 8 missiles each (16 missiles) is located in the forward part of the superstructure, while the other (4 reels for 32 missiles) is located in the aft part of the superstructure (see photo1, photo2, photo3).


ЗРК "Форт-М"

The operation of the Fort-M SAM system is ensured by external target designation from ship's air lighting equipment and information processing system, as well as data on rocking angles, course and speed of the ship - from ship's gyrostabilization and navigation facilities.

The combat application of the complex is possible under the following conditions:

  • sea disturbance up to 6 points;
  • on-board rocking to 15° with a period of 8-10s;
  • keel rocking up to 3° with a period of 5s;
  • vibration resistance with 0-20 Hz frequency and 0.5mm amplitude.

The complex includes:

  • the ship's control system,
  • drum type launcher for ZUR 48H6E, 48H6E2 (one drum for 8 ZUR, number of drums -6),
  • module-type launcher for 48H6E2 ZUR,
  • Ammunition (up to 64 SSD 48N6E, 48N6E2),
  • complexes of ground equipment for storage, transportation and loading of LSD.

The control system is made on a modern element base. The working program of mathematical support of the SAM system includes elements of artificial intelligence, which allow to significantly simplify and accelerate the work of operators in combat mode, reduce the time for control and troubleshooting of equipment. The complex introduced the equipment recording the process of firing, making it possible to document and quickly analyze the results of combat work, as well as the working state of the equipment complex. The antenna post (see photo) is based on a phased array antenna with electronic beam stabilization and has two positions - combat and camping. High noise immunity is achieved due to the introduction of fundamentally new circuits and algorithmic solutions to protect against active noise interference.

Anti-aircraft guided missile 48H6E2 (unified with the ground complex S-300PMU-2) with vertical launch has an improved propulsion system and increased combat unit. The missile is tele-controlled, with semi-active homing on the final part of the flight. It is delivered to the ship in a transport and launch container. Maximum flight range - 200 km.

Подпалубные ПУ

The missile is launched from a sub-deck B-203A drum-type launcher. Each drum is equipped with 8 missiles in the industrial complex. The missile does not require special maintenance in the ship's conditions. Delivery and loading of the missile to the ship is carried out by a special complex of ground equipment.

Ships equipped with the Fort M anti-aircraft missile system help to ensure collective air defence by significantly pushing back the boundaries of the deployment of enemy air attacks. With the help of one or two Fort-M anti-aircraft missile systems, the connection ships effectively counter not only air strikes and jammers, but also reconnaissance and control aircraft, demonstration groups, air defense suppression groups, etc. at the required ranges.

Anti-aircraft missile systems "Fort-M" dramatically improve the combat conditions of anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems of ships self-defense, firstly, by reducing the flow of targets reaching the boundaries and zones of operation of self-defense systems, and secondly, by reducing the density of interference, which can adversely affect the information means of ships. As a result, the combat capabilities of ships' self-defence means increase significantly.


Number of simultaneously escorted targets in the sector ±45° on course angle and 0-70° on site angle, pcs. 6
Number of simultaneously launched missiles, pcs. 12
Course corner firing area, subject to constraints related to the architecture of the ship up to 360°
Probability of hitting one SSD target across a class of targets 0.7-0.9
Speed of fire (minimum launch interval),s 4
The reaction time of the complex, s 8-10
Input power,kW not exceeding 300
Number of service personnel, people 24

Dimensions and weights

  Massa, t:
- system of government 40
- antenna post 12.5
 - PU 3C-48E with ammunition 47 SSD 48N6E (8 drums on 8 SSD) 250
- PU module for 48H6E2 ZUR 9
- PU module with 4 ZUR 48H6E2 19.5
Square, m2:
          - equipment rooms 176
          - PU for 47 ZUR 48H6E 120
          - PU module for 4 ZUR 48H6E2 21

Defeat zones

  48N6Е 48N6Е2
Range limit, km 120 150
Range minimum, km 8-9 6-7
Upper boundary height, km 25 27
The height of the lower boundary, m 10 7
Maximum speed of affected aerodynamic targets, m/s 950 1150

Tactical and technical characteristics of the ZUR

  48N6Е 48N6Е2
Weight of ZUR with TPC, kg 2600 2600
Weight of the ZUR, kg 1800 1800
Container Dimensions (TDC), m 1.0х7.8 1.0х7.8
Dimensions of the PU module, m - 5.36х3.90
Weight of combat unit, kg 145 180


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Control sys.:
150 km.