S-300F anti-aircraft complex ( Fort )

S-300F anti-aircraft system is designed to protect the Order of Ships from attacks by modern and advanced aircraft, cruise missiles and other means of air attack, including maneuvering and flying at extremely low altitudes above water surface.

The main designer of the system was the All-Russian Research Institute of RE MSP (later NPO Altair), the chief designer was V.A. Bukatov. Avanproject of S-300F complex was carried out in 1966.

Initially, it was planned to equip the S-300F complexes with nuclear anti-submarine ships of project 1144 "Orlan" and nuclear missile cruisers of project 1165 "Fugas". By the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, adopted in August 1971, both developments of the ships were merged and further the Northern PKB was designing a nuclear anti-submarine cruiser with missile attack weapons of project 1144.

In 1977, a prototype of the S-300F complex with ammunition of 16 missiles in two sub-deck drum launchers was installed on the BOD of project 1134B Azov and in the late 70's was tested in the Black Sea. Tests of the complex were completed on the nuclear missile cruiser "Kirov" in 1983. After adoption in 1984, the complex was installed on the heavy nuclear cruisers "Kirov" (pr. 1144 and 1144.2, built 4 units) and missile cruisers such as "Slava" (pr. 1164, built 3 units).


The main purpose of the complex - the fight against aircraft carriers of anti-ship missiles and anti-ship missiles flying at low altitudes, jammers, which allowed the use of unified with the complex S-300P missile 5B55RM (5B55 modification of the missile, which differs from the devices associated with the container).

Ship's anti-aircraft missile system S-300F is part of the ship's weapons system. Targeting air defense systems receive through the interface device, which is part of the control system. The system through the interface device is also connected with ship sensors of keel and airborne rocking angles, course and speed of the ship. In the autonomous search mode, the complex performs a space overview and detects targets in a given sector of responsibility.

The multifunctional radar included in the control system (cipher "Fort") provides high accuracy of tracking 6 targets and pointing 12 missiles at them under the influence of active and passive interferences. The phased antenna array is installed at a pivoting post, which allows firing of targets in almost any direction. Rigidity of antenna post design and electronic stabilization of antenna beam provide operation of the complex in conditions of ship's rocking without loss of missile guidance accuracy.

Monopulse method is used for direction finding of targets and guided missiles with the use of transmitting device, which forms both pulse-batch and continuous signal, and correlation-filter receiving device, which provides coherent accumulation of pulses inside the pack, reflected from the target signals.

In the system of remote control adopted a combined method of guidance of missiles, which consists in the fact that the guidance of missiles at the initial section of the trajectory is carried out by commands, for the development of which is used information about the targets and missiles obtained from a multifunction radar, and in the final section - from a semi-active onboard radio direction finder missile.

ПУ ЗРК Форт на крейсере пр.1164

The complex includes a sub-deck drum-type launcher (see photo). Launch of the rocket - vertical from the transport and launch container (TLC) with the launch of the marching engine after the rocket at an altitude of 20-25 meters, which provides fire and explosion safety of the cellar. The launch is performed with the help of a catapult device. For the operation of the ejection device is used gas generator located in the TPC. The missile's direction and angle of inclination after launch are determined by the program introduced during prelaunch preparation. After the missile's descent, the PU drum is rotated, bringing another missile to the launch line in the TIC. Sub-deck launchers are developed at the Design Bureau of Bolshevik Plant. The drum launchers are recharged with the deck charger.

A B-204 sub-deck launcher with eight drum-type devices is installed on ships of the 1164 project at 8 industrial complexes.

Крейсер пр.1144

All vessels of projects 1144 and 1144.2 are equipped with 12 drums as part of the B-203A launcher, with a total reserve of 96 missiles.

The cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" (pr. 1144.2, the third in a series) has an improved version of the S-300F complex with missile 48H6, unified with the ground complex S-300PM. As the 48H6 missile is larger in size than the 5B55RMZ, the B-203A launcher was modified. Missile 48H6 has a maximum range of 150 km, but the control system that existed in 1993 allowed a range of only 93 km.

The 48H6 is equipped with a directional warhead.

On the cruiser "Peter the Great" (pr. 1144.2, the fourth in a series) in addition to an upgraded aft system to use missiles 48H6, a new forward system S-300FM "Fort-M". In the process of modernization of "Fort-M" complex on "Peter the Great" missiles 48H6 were replaced by more modern 48H6E2. Thus, the cruiser "Peter the Great" is armed with one complex S-300F with 48 missiles 48H6 and one complex S-300FM with 46 missiles 48H6E2.

In the future, it is possible to further upgrade the Fort, using the 9M96 antiaircraft missile family developed by the Fakel Design Bureau, which will allow for a 4-fold increase in the system's payload.

The complex is offered for export under the name "Reef".


Year of adoption 1985
Type of RMS 5V55РМ
RPN Review Branch (Azimuth), degree 60
Far border of kill zone for aerodynamic purpose, km: 75
Near border of the kill zone, km: 5
Minimum height of engagement for aerodynamic purpose, km: 0.025
Maximum engagement altitude for aerodynamic target, km: 25
Maximum speed of ZUR flight, m/s: 2000
Maximum speed of targets to be hit, m/s: 1300
Number of accompanied targets: up to 12
Number of targets fired upon: up to 6
Rate of fire, sec. 3
Ammo: 48-64


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Control sys.:
93 km.