Ship's Style-1 anti-aircraft missile system

Multi-channel ship anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) of medium range "Stil-1" is designed to engage all modern means of air attack at medium ranges and altitudes of targets from 5 m to 15 km.

The complex was developed by the Moscow Research Institute of Radioelectronics "Altair" and is a further development of the M-22 "Hurricane" SAM system. The 9M317ME anti-aircraft guided missile, which is part of the Style-1 complex, was created by the Dolgoprudnensk Research and Production Enterprise (DRPP) and is unified with the Buk-M2 and Buk-M3 ground-based missile. The complex was first demonstrated at the international exhibition Defexpo India 2004.

Distinctive features of the new version are the use of anti-aircraft guided missiles with vertical sub-deck launch, the use of multifunctional radars with phased antenna arrays and control computing facilities with open architecture, extensive mathematical and software.

Style-1" SAM system is a system capable of controlling downgraded firepower and solving the problem of ship's air defense (connection of ships) as a whole. This makes it possible to integrate the "Style-1" complex into local, regional and federal systems of a higher hierarchical level, as well as introduce other complexes to coordinate their actions in the organization of ship's air defense systems.


The "Style-1" complex is a part of it:

  • anti-aircraft missiles 9M317ME and 9M317E.
  • 3C90E.1 vertical launcher
  • the ship's complex control system, including: target illumination radar (see photo), television set, automatic system of full information processing (ASPOI), automated command post (KP)
  • multi-channel simulator and a system for recording current information parameters.

The modular sub-deck vertical launch unit (VSU) of cellular type 3С90Э.1 was developed by the Research and Production Enterprise "Start" (Ekaterinburg). The HPU module consists of 12 MC-487 transport and launch containers with missiles ready to be launched, an electronic and hydraulic equipment unit. HPU can be equipped with 12, 24 or 36 missiles, depending on the class of the ship. The launchers can be located both on the bow and on the stern of surface ships with displacement of more than 1500 tons in various configurations. When replacing the "Hurricane" complex on the destroyers of the project 956 in its missile cellar is installed 3 modules with total ammunition of 36 missiles. This makes it possible to sharply increase the rate of fire of the Style-1 system and to repel a massive air strike by means of enemy air attacks. The complex, depending on the equipment, provides simultaneous firing of 2 to 12 targets.

Single-stage solid fuel ZUR 9M317ME is placed in the transport and launch container MS-487.Start ZUR 9M317ME - vertical under the action of a catapult with a subsequent launch of the marching engine. The main differences between 9M317ME and the land version are folding aerodynamic rudders, significantly reduced wings and the presence of a special block of gas rudders (see photo), placed on the nozzle block of the marching RDTT. This unit ensures that the missile automatically tilts towards the target after launch from the vertical PU. The 9M317ME is equipped with a dual-mode marching engine with improved energy efficiency and, compared to the prototype, has a higher flight speed (up to 1550 m/s) and maneuverability. The maximum flight range is 50 km.

The 9M317ME rocket uses an inertial-corrected control system with a new semi-active Doppler radar CNS. The onboard equipment of the rocket is made on the principally new element base and has wide functions of adaptation to working conditions that allows to reach the maximum probabilities of target hitting in the conditions of strong radio counteraction. The combat unit is a 62 kg shrapnel and blast unit (see photo) equipped with contact and non-contact fuses. The missile can be stored in the TIC without routine maintenance for up to 15 years.

Anti-aircraft guided missile 9M317E is designed and manufactured for the ship multi-channel antiaircraft missile system "Stil-1" and is designed to destroy aircraft, helicopters, anti-ship missiles and radio-contrast surface targets (boat, ship).

The missile is delivered to the fleet in a fiberglass transport container, fully prepared for combat use, and does not require inspection of on-board equipment during the entire set period of operation. The rocket is octaclimatically designed and can be operated and used for combat purposes at any time of the year and day after exposure to atmospheric precipitation at ambient air temperature from minus 50ºC to plus 50ºC, relative humidity 98% at plus 35ºC.

The 9M317ME ZUR and the vertical launch facility gave the complex a completely new quality. The fire performance of the SAM system has increased significantly, the firing rate has increased (each missile can be launched every 1-2 seconds instead of 12 seconds for a single beam inclined launcher of the Hurricane SAM system), the reaction time, weight and dimensions of the complex have decreased, the visibility of its deck structures in the radio and optical ranges has decreased, reliability and other operational characteristics have increased. Its ability to integrate with the ship has been revealed, which made it possible to offer the Stil-1 SAM system for placement on ships of relatively small displacement of the corvette type while maintaining the declared characteristics.

Still-1" SAM system uses for firing data of ship's all-around radars and provides omni-directional defense of the carrier ship and connection of ships against massive attacks of modern attack aircraft, anti-ship and anti-radar missiles.

Equipping the Style-1 SAM system with a new TV increases its interference immunity and allows the zone up to 20 km to get the exact coordinates of targets, including those performing intensive maneuvers, as well as to control the dowry of small caliber anti-aircraft artillery and assess the fact of hitting the target. The latter circumstance increased the efficiency of the complex and ensured the optimal use of the SAM ammunition stockpile.

The ASPOI subsystem processes primary digital or video information from various radar and optical sources. On this basis, it generates data on the air situation and precise targeting data for all assigned firing means. The KP, in its turn, having in its composition a control digital computer system with unified digital and analogue communication devices with extensive mathematical and software, ensures the integration of peripheral subsystems and devices of the complex, as well as downlines of fire, the set of which can be individualized and optimized for each project of the ship.

The open radial modular structure of Stil-1 SAM system allows to integrate additional modules and ship systems into the structure of the complex, providing creation of high-efficiency echelon multiroutine air defense systems for surface ships based on Stil-1 SAM system. It is of great interest to create a three-rout air defense system on the basis of "Stil-1" SAM system through the integration of small caliber anti-aircraft artillery and turret unit "Gibka".

Turret installation "Gibka" provides solutions for ship's air defense in the ultra-short range zone. Integration of the "Gibka" unit into the "Style-1" SAM system increases the overall tactical and technical characteristics of the system. Due to the reduced range to the close range, the depth of the total kill zone increases, the fire performance of the integrated air defense system increases, and due to obtaining timely and accurate target designation from the means of SAM system "Shtil-1" decreases the reaction time of the "Gibka". Concentration and processing of all data on targets in one automatic control unit ensures that all attacking targets are fired on and defeated.

The "Flexible" can be used independently and in various combinations, including artillery systems, forming a reliable ultra-short range air defense system. Being deployed on any ship or vessel, such a system will provide a highly effective all-round defense against breakthroughs of UAS to the ship, firing and destruction of aircraft and helicopters. 


Number of simultaneously flying targets fired upon between 2 and 12
Target bearing area up to 360 degrees
Target altitude zone, m :
            - airplanes
            - PCR
Range, km :
            - by aircraft at altitudes above 1000 m.
            - for aircrafts under 1,000 m.
            - PCR
Target velocities, m/s up to 830
Response time (on-duty), s 10-19
Dimensions, mm:
            - length
            - maximum housing diameter
            - steering wheel range
Starter weight, kg 581
Weight in TIC, kg 1040
Weight of combat unit, kg 62
ZUR 9M317E  
Dimensions, mm:
            - length
            - maximum housing diameter
            - steering wheel range
Starter weight of the product, kg 715
Weight of combat unit, kg 70
Possible application area, km between 3 and 50
Maximum flight speed, m/s 1230
Maximum overload of targets to be hit, g 12
Operation time of on-board equipment, s 65
Ready time to launch, s 14
Maneuverability, g 24
Height of targets affected between 5 m and 25 km
Set service life, years 10


It should be noted that 14 years after the end of the Great Patriotic War, in the course of work on the development of the projectile engine for "remote mining", in his letter (out. 5/V 59) to the Director of Research Institute-582 State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on Defense Technology, Comrade S.I. Chichkov. (Balashikha 1, Moscow region), Deputy Director of Research Institute-147 (now FSUE "SNPP" Splav "(Tula) Alexander Nikitovich Ganichev reported: "...I recommend for the variant of an optic non-rotating projectile to use the launch rails for the projectile M-31 /BM-31-12/ which requires the diameter of the cassette to change to 300 mm".


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32 km.