Ataka-V aircraft missile system


The Ataka-B system is designed to engage modern tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, ATGM and SAM launchers, long-term firing points such as pillbox and DZOT, low-flying low-speed air targets, as well as enemy manpower in shelters.

The Ataka-B rocket was created on the basis of the 9M114 missile of the Sturm-B system using a more powerful engine, which increased the range of the system, as well as a new more powerful warhead with a higher armor penetration.

In the late 1990s, the Mi-24v helicopters were upgraded to enable the use of new Ataka-B and Igla-B missiles. The helicopter with a modernized weapon system was designated as Mi-24VM (export modification is designated Mi-35M).


Ракета "Атака"

The rocket (see diagram, photo) has canard configuration and is equipped with a semi-automatic guidance system along the radioline. The control equipment is "Rainbow-III". To ensure the possibility of combat operations around the clock in the design bureau of Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant ("Zenit") for the Mi-24N helicopter has developed a sightseeing system "Tor" with a laser rangefinder, with optical, television and thermal imaging channels. The "Tor" system is also used for pointing the PTUR.

After the decision of the helicopter crew to launch the rocket, the navigator (operator) combines a fixed mark with the target and presses the start button, thus selecting the corrected mode of program guidance to the target. As a result, the laser rangefinder measures the distance to the target in automatic mode and presents the obtained data on the multifunction display along with information about the necessary maneuver to bring the helicopter into the zone of acceptable launch. The pilot leads the helicopter so that the moving target mark remains in a fixed square. The operator checks that the fixed mark is aligned with the target and, if necessary, makes corrections by manipulating the control levers. When the helicopter reaches the range of acceptable start, the digital computer sends the command "achievable" to the multifunction display. On this command, the operator launches the missile. During the flight, the operator holds a fixed mark on the multifunction display that is aligned with the target and, if necessary, aligns the position of the line of sight by manipulating the control levers until the target is hit. During this process, the helicopter can maneuver with a yaw angle of up to 110 degrees and a roll of up to 30 degrees.

Варианты боевых частей

Attack" is available in three versions.

  • 9M120(9M120M,9M220) missile with a tandem cumulative warhead that overcomes dynamic defenses and then tank homogeneous armor.
  • 9M120F missile with a high-explosive warhead designed to fight unarmed targets. It causes particularly great destruction when bursting in confined spaces (in rockets, buildings, etc.).
  • 9M220O missile to engage aircraft. It is equipped with a non-contact fuse capable of reacting to an air target when flying away from it at a distance of less than 4 m and a fragmentation warhead.

The highest efficiency of using the Attack Control System at ranges from 800 to 4000m. At the same time, the helicopter is at a low altitude in the zone of the lowest vulnerability. The probability of the tank being hit (distance = 4 km) is 0.65-0.9.

The launch tube serves as a guide for the launched missile, as well as a container for transportation and storage of the missile. The type of launch is from the TPC by means of an embossing charge.


Developer Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau
Manufacturer State Enterprise "Izhevsk Machine Building Plant",
Kovrov Mechanical Plant
Fighting unit
- type for 9M120 (9M120M) tandem cumulative
- type for 9M120F eggnog cumulative
- type for 9M220O splinter
- weight, kg 7
Helicopter carrier Mi-24VM, Mi-28A/N, Ka-29, Mi-35M
Range of fire, m
- rocket 9М120 400-6000
- rocket 9М220 400-6000
- rocket 9М220О 400-7000
- rocker 9М120М 800-8000
Flight Speed,m/sec
- maximum 500
- middle 350-400
Flight time at maximum range,s 14.5
- number of steps 2
- rocket length 9M120 in flight, mm 2100
- missile length 9M120 in the TIC, mm 1830
- maximum housing diameter, mm 130
- wingspan, mm 300
- starting weight, kg 49.5
- rocket weight in the TIC, kg 79
- application height, m 0-4000
- application temperature, hail C between -50 and 50
Armor-piermeable, mm
- 9M114 missile up to 800
- 9M120 missile over 800 for Dynamic Protection
- 9M120M rocket 950
- type helicopter APU8/4U
- holder of DB-3U beam
- number of missiles 8


The main elements of the ATACMS system were tested mainly at the White-Sands test site. The system received its baptism of fire in the desert storm. The ATACMS was used to destroy Iraqi army air defense batteries and communications hubs. During the operation, about 200 trucks and equipment were destroyed. The combat effectiveness of these systems has been quite high.


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8 km.