130mm multiple launch rocket system Type 82


The Type 82 30-barreled 130 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MRLS) was developed by China's NORINCO Corporation in the early 1980s. Its production was mastered by the Chinese industry in 1982.

In the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) units, the Type 82 replaces the 19-barreled 130mm Type 63 MLRS. Both systems use the same ammunition, but unlike its predecessor, the Type 82 MLRS has increased firepower and is mounted on the chassis of the three-axle cross-country vehicle Yanan SX250 (wheel configuration 6x6). The PLA motorized rifle regiment artillery battalion has 6 Type 82 combat vehicles.

In addition to the main version of "Type 82" on the truck chassis there is also an option to place this system on an armored tracked chassis ("Type-85") and a single barrel version on a light tripod.


РСЗО Тип-82

The "Type 82" RESO includes:

  • self-propelled launcher,
  • 130 mm unguided rockets (see figure)
  • transport-charging machine.

The launcher is made according to the classic scheme with the location of the artillery part above the last axis of the three-axle wheeled chassis. In the front part of the chassis there is a large unarmoured cabin, where in addition to the mechanic-driver is located the whole calculation of the launcher - seven people. Behind the cabin there is a steel box, which contains 30 rockets. Thanks to this, the launcher can produce a second salvo in five minutes after the first one, regardless of the presence of a nearby transport and charging machine with ammunition.

The artillery part of the launcher has 30 tubular guides, arranged in three rows of ten guides in a row. The tubular guides and sighting equipment are mounted on a rigid welded cradle mounted on a swivel base. With the help of lifting and swiveling mechanism the guides can be guided in vertical plane in the range of angles from 0° to +50° and in horizontal plane ±75°.

Shots are fired by 130 mm turbojet uncontrollable projectiles, stabilized in flight by rotation around the longitudinal axis. The projectiles produced for Type 63 are 1 m long and the head of only one type of projectile, the fragmentation-phase projectile. The size of the Type 82 MLRS is the same but, in addition to the fragmentation head, it has a shrapnel head containing 2,600 steel balls and an incendiary combat unit with 5,000 incendiary elements. The maximum range of these projectiles is 10.1 kilometres. The weight of the projectile is 32 kg, the combat unit is 3 kg. Recently, there has also been a launch of a rocket projectile with an increased maximum range of up to 15 km. This projectile has a head unit with enhanced shrapnel effect.


Caliber, mm 130
Number of guides 30
Maximum range of fire, km 10.1
Calculation, man. 7
Weight of launcher in combat position, t 7.5
Dimensions of the launcher in camping position, m 6.44*2.25*2.26
Maximum speed, km/h 80
Power reserve, km 400
The duration of the volley is full ammunition, s 14-17
Recharging time, min 5


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10 km.