9K512 Uragan-1M multiple launch rocket system

The 9K512 Uragan-1M multiple launch rocket system is designed to engage surface targets, the vulnerable elements of which are open and concealed manpower, armoured vehicles, lightly armoured and armoured vehicles of motorized infantry and tank companies, artillery units, tactical missiles, anti-aircraft systems and helicopters in parking lots; command posts, communication centers and military industrial facilities.

The Uragan-1M multiple launch rocket system was developed by SPLAV (Hero City of Tula, Russia) in cooperation with Motovilikhinskie Zavody (Perm, Russia), the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and related enterprises.

The Uragan-1M is a fundamentally new system, with the possibility of using various rockets of different calibers. Two types of rockets are used: from 220-mm RSZO 9K57 "Uragan" and from 300-mm system 9K58 "Smerch", as well as new types of RS.

The first images of the launch vehicle prototype started to appear on the Internet in 2009 - for the RS 220mm: photo1 (date in this photo is 07.11.2008), photo2 (without date) and for the RS 300mm: photo3 (date in this photo is 10.12.2008).

The state trials of the RSZO "Hurricane-1M" have been conducted since 2012 and were successfully completed in 2015. According to PJSC Motovilikha plants, the Uragan-1M system was adopted by the Russian Armed Forces in 2016.

For the first time the new 9K512 Hurricane-1M bikaliber multiple launch rocket system was demonstrated during the demonstration of equipment and weapons in honor of the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery, held on November 19, 2016 at the Luga Artillery Range (33rd range, Luga district, Leningrad region).

Hurricane-1M multiple launch rocket systems are included in the promising system of rocket and artillery weaponry. These systems are equipped with separate artillery units and formations.


The basic composition of the system:

  • 9A53 launch vehicle;
  • 9T249 transport and loading vehicle;
  • 220 and 300 mm calibre rockets in transport and launch containers (packs).

The design of the launcher vehicle launcher unit provides for the possibility of mounting on its cradle interchangeable transport and launching containers witр 220 and 300 mm rockets.

In the course of the works the designers of Motovilikhinskie Zavody worked out the variants of system placement on the basis of different types of chassis. After consideration of the projects the specialists of the Ministry of Defense chose the variant with placement of wheeled tractors on the chassis of the Minsk plant. The combat and transport-charging machine "Hurricane-1M" is based on the chassis "Astrologer", which is used in the operational-tactical missile system "Iskander".

All processes are fully automated.

The design of the transport and launch container for rocket projectiles of 220 mm caliber includes 15 tubular guides, and the design of the TPK for RS of 300 mm includes 6 tubular guides.

The 9T249 Transport and Charging Vehicle is designed to accommodate and transport the 9A53 missiles and to charge and discharge the 9A53 combat vehicle. Unlike the systems of the previous generation, the combat vehicle is charged by replacing the entire package with guides.


Fighting vehicle 9A53
 Chassis type MZKT-7930
 Wheel formula  8x8
 Mass, t.
             with Hurricane containers
             with Smerch containers
 Length in camping position, m:
             with Hurricane containers.
             with Smerch containers
 Width in camping position, m:
             with Hurricane containers.
             with Smerch containers
Height, m  3,35
Speed of travel, km/h  70
Time to transfer from marching to combat position, s  20
Leaving time for OPs, s  45
Power reserve, km  1000
Calculation, man.  3
Number of containers to be installed, pcs.  2
Time of firing, s:
            220-mm Hurricane.
            300 mm "Smerch" products
Transport-charging machine 9T249
Chassis type MZKT-7930
Wheel formula  8 х 8
Gross mass, kg  46000
Dimensions in camping position, m:
Maximum travel speed, km/h  70
Power reserve, km  1000
Calculation, man.  3
Number of containers transported  2
Crane load capacity, kg  6300


In the course of preliminary and State tests of the 9A53 "Hurricane-1M" combat vehicle, the required accuracy characteristics were confirmed.

Gyrocompensation (limit) Δαcg, d.o.s. 2,5
Navigations (SCO) σх, m 5,0
Navigations (SCO) σу, m 4,9
Guidance (median) EVN, d.o.s. 0,25
Guidance (median) EGN, D.U. 0,27

In BM 9A53 a system of self-orienting gyro-curve direction finding (SGKKU) with a limit error of 3 d.e. was used. Determination of navigation errors was performed on marches up to 10 kilometers.

In 2008 Director of the Exhibition Center of the Institute of High Precision Systems named after V.P. Gryazev, Professor of the Department of Rifle and Cannon Armament FSBOU VPO "TulSU". Viktor Vlasov, Aleksey Vorontsov, Head of the SARAR group, and Alexander Devyataykin were awarded the S.I. Mosin Prize for their work: "Development of a gas generator for Hurricane-1M RSZO". The work is presented by LLC "SARAR".

Valery Vladimirovich Gaevsky (NPO SPLAV) introduced carbon-carbon composite material to maintain the critical cross-section of the nozzle block of the rocket part of the RSZO Smerch and Hurricane-1M.


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