Реактивная система залпового огня 9К51М "Торнадо-Г"

The 9K51M Tornado-G multiple rocket launcher system is designed to engage open and concealed manpower, armoured and lightly armoured vehicles, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts and other enemy targets when they are in areas of concentration and during combat.

Tornado G MLRS can be attributed to the new generation of the world famous Grad multiple rocket launcher system, unlike its predecessor, it has an increased range of fire due to the use of new projectiles and increased speed of bringing the system on alert.

Experimental design work on the Tornado-G MLRS was completed in 2013. The Tornado-G MLRS 9K51M was adopted by the order of the Minister of Defense No. 760/DSP of October 16, 2014 in compliance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation. The system is supplied and used by the troops (see photo1, photo2). In 2017, to support the training process, Tornado-G MLRS was delivered to the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy.

In April, 2012. 18 combat vehicles of this system were put into service of the 20th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade (see overview).

Tornado-G is part of the artillery of motorized rifle (tank) brigades, artillery regiments of motorized rifle (tank) divisions.

Boris Avotyn Boris Andreevich Avotyn (NPO SPLAV JSC) was one of the participants of the work on theoretical support of the development in terms of efficiency, reliability and quality within the R&D of Tornado-G.

For the development of the multiple launch rocket system "Tornado-G" the development team was awarded the Government Prize (2015). From PJSC "Motovilikhinskie Zavody" (Perm) the prize was awarded to: First Deputy General Director - General Designer V.R. Khomenok and Chief Constructor in the direction of RSZO V.N. Plaksin.

At present, on the territory of the Joint Stock Company "Machine-Building Plant "Stamp" named after B.L. Vannikov" (JSC "Mashzavod "Stamp"), along with the production of head units to RSZO "Grad", new types of head units of increased power to RSZO "Tornado-G" are produced.

At the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment Indo Defence - 2018, which was held in Jakarta (Indonesia) in the period from 7 to 10 November 2018, the specialists of JSC NPO SPLAV for the first time at the foreign exhibition exhibited a model of 122-mm unguided rockets with high-efficiency shrapnel and blasthead (index 9M538) for MLRS "Tornado-G".

In the future, the rockets for Tornado-G MLRS will be guided.


The basic composition of the system:

  • automatic combat vehicle 2B17M;
  • Unguided 9M538 rocket projectile with an inseparable (monoblock) high-explosive fragmentation head end;
  • Unguided rocket projectile 9M539 with a detachable (monoblock) high-explosive fragmentation head end;
  • Unguided rocket projectile 9M541 with a cassette warhead, equipped with cumulated shrapnel warheads.

The artillery unit of the 2B17M combat vehicle is mounted on the modified chassis of the "Ural-4320-10" truck. The BM design includes the following new systems:

  • Automatic guidance and fire control system, which provides guidance and transfer to a camping position from the cabin, an autonomous top binding and navigation with the display of the route of movement on the screen, an automated information exchange with the control machine, the calculation of the settings for firing on the received initial data;
  • preparation and launch equipment, consisting of equipment for remote input of flight data and launch equipment;
  • modern guidance drive systems and communication facilities.

The Tornado-G MLRS can be used to fire from an unprepared topographical firing position in automatic mode. This allows, if necessary, to quickly open fire, after which the artillery part of the system can be moved directly from the cabin to the camping position and change its position.

The combat vehicle can be used to fire both Tornado-G rocket-propelled grenade launchers and regular Grad rocket-propelled grenade launchers.


Main tactical and technical characteristics of the combat vehicle

Length in hiking position, mm 7900
Width in hiking position, mm 2500
Height in hiking position, mm 3300
Number of guides, pcs. 40
Maximum elevation angle, º (e.g.) 55 (9-17)
Angle of horizontal firing:  
to the right of the chassis axle, º. 70 (11-67)
to the left of the car chassis axis, º. 102 (17-00)
Smallest swing angle, º (e.g.) 0 (0-00)
Weight of the loaded combat vehicle with calculation, kg not more than 14900
Maximum speed with full load on paved roads, km/h 80
Highest ford depth in hard ground, m 1,5
Calculation 3 persons


During preliminary and State tests of the combat vehicle of the Tornado-G MLRS, the required accuracy characteristics of BM 2B17M were confirmed.


Gyrocompensation (limit) Δαсг, d.o.s.


Navigations (SCO) σх, m


Navigations (SCO) σу, m


Guidance (median) EVN, d.o.s.


Guidance (median) EGN, D.U.


In the BM 2B17M a system of self-directed gyro-curve direction finding (SGKKU) with a limit error of 3 d.e. was applied. Determination of navigation errors was performed on marches up to 10 kilometers.

In December 2018, guided missiles were to be launched from the BM of the Tornado-G MLRS.


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