Tor-M2KM" Anti-aircraft missile system 9M331MKM

The anti-aircraft missile system 9M331MKM 'Tor-M2KM' is designed for air defense of the most important military, state and industrial facilities against the strikes of high-precision weapons (anti-radar and cruise missiles, guided and planned aircraft bombs, etc.). ), assault aircraft, fire support helicopters and remotely manned vehicles within the kill zone, at any time of day, in a complex meteorological and interference situation, including when placed in the city limits.

The SAM system 'Tor-2MKM' is a modification of 'Tor-M2E' and differs in its modular principle of construction and possibility of placing combat and technical means on any platform of the customer of the corresponding carrying capacity. The complex is developed by concern Air Defence "Diamond-Antey" and Izhevsk electromechanical factory "Dome" which is a part of it.

SAM system 'Tor-M2KM' on the serial automobile landing gear of the Indian company Tata Motors, was demonstrated at the International Air Show "MAKS-2013" and the International Defence Exhibition DEFEXPO INDIA 2014. The 'Tor-M2KM' autonomous combat module was presented at the International Naval Show 'MAKS-2015' (see photo1, photo2, photo3).

At present JSC "IEMP "Dome" is working on further improvement of the SAM system and increasing its combat characteristics. In particular, in cooperation with the leading designers and manufacturers of combat ships for the Russian Navy, work is being done to upgrade the ship's SAM systems for a naval modification of the Tor-M2KM - M-Tor SAM system. A version of Tor-M2KM SAM system modification for the Arctic units of the Russian Armed Forces is also under development.



  • Autonomous Combat Module (ABM) 9A331MK-1;
  • Anti-aircraft missile module (AMS) 9M334D with four antiaircraft guided missiles (SAM) 9M331D.

The ABM is designed as a stand-alone combat unit. The means of target detection, target escort and SAM guidance, control and monitoring equipment, life support system, autonomous power supply system, eight ready to launch SAMs and the combat calculation are placed in a single special housing (see photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4, photo5 © I.Korotchenko).

ABM is equipped with modern computing facilities and radars that allow detecting and processing up to 48 targets, displaying information on 10 most dangerous ones and ensuring simultaneous engagement of four air targets. ABB's equipment is protected against modern special interferences. The electron-optical VIS provides the possibility of covert operation and high efficiency of the complex in a complex interference environment. In the course of combat operations, the combat modules can exchange information with each other and also operate as part of a group under a single command post. The area of protected object by one autonomous combat module of the "Tor-M2KM" SAM system is more than 200 square kilometers.

The ABM in fully equipped condition weighs no more than 15 tons and is installed on the vehicle chassis and other platforms using three special, quick-release brackets. The special design of the brackets allows ABB to quickly move from one platform to another. The changeover from one platform to another takes no more than 10 minutes and is performed by a conventional crane. Carrying capacity of the platform for ABB placement is at least 20 tons, width is at least 2500 mm and length is at least 7000 mm.

ABM is not connected to the platform either by mechanical or hydraulic drives or energy systems. It has its own power source in the form of a gas turbine unit (GTA), which provides power generation of required parameters and power. The time for GTA to enter the operating mode is not more than 60 seconds. The total time of putting the ABM on alert is not more than 3 minutes. For operation of the autonomous power supply system the ABM has its own fuel tank. As an additional power supply source the ABM is equipped with an electrostatic converter, which ensures the operation of the combat module from the industrial network 380V/50Hz or from any mobile power plant 380V/50Hz at 65 kW.

The module is equipped with a modern navigation system working in GPS and GLONASS systems and allowing to determine with high accuracy the location of the complex and the ABM angular parameters (roll and differential) in different planes.

ABM can be transported on the external sling of the heavy transport helicopter Mi-26T or its foreign counterparts for placement in the most difficult places: the dominant heights, roofs of buildings and structures, etc. ABM combat design consists of two people: the commander and the operator.

ZRM - a single structure consisting of a transport and launch container with ZRMs installed in it. The hydraulic system ensures transportation, storage and launch of four SAMs. Each ABM is equipped with two anti-aircraft missile modules. Tor-M2KM" SAM can use all 9M331 SAMs (see description), its ammo is replenished with the upgraded 9M331D missile with an extended range up to 15 km.

The whole process of combat operation of the Tor-M2KM SAM system is fully automated, a person only selects targets for destruction from among those offered by the vehicle. When the commander is ready to launch the SAM, he presses the "START" button. Anti-aircraft guided missile (SAM) is automatically directed at the target, at the point of meeting the missile and the target is detonated combat unit of the missile, which provides a reliable hitting an air target. The combat equipment of the SAM contains fragments of complex geometric shape, made of special high-density alloy (tungsten-nickel-iron), which provides the highest penetration ability of the fragment and almost completely eliminates the possibility of ricochet. Small mistakes in the meeting point, adaptation of the radio detonator to the type of air target in combination with special combat equipment of the SAM provides the complex with a high probability of hitting all types of air targets. The probability of hitting one target is at least 0.98.  When the 1st target is defeated, the target and missile channels are released, the vehicle automatically searches for the next target, automatically takes it to escort it and when the ZAR is ready to be launched, the commander presses the Launch button again. This process is repeated as target and missile channels are released automatically as long as there are targets in the air and missiles in the ABM.

Technical means:

  • transport and charging machine (TZM) 9T244K;
  • maintenance workshop (1:4 MTO) 9B887M2KM;
  • service workshop (1:16 МТО) 9В887-1М2КМ;
  • group kit ZIP 9F399-1M2KM;
  • a set of rigging equipment 9F116;
  • crosshead for ABM;
  • technological frame.

In addition, the complex can be supplied:

  • autonomous simulator of commander and operator 9F678M;
  • mobile power plant PES-100T/230-Ch/400-A1RK2 (see photo);
  • battery command post.

The vehicle charging module, maintenance and repair facilities and the complex simulator, placed in unified container bodies and can be installed on a car chassis similar to that of ABB, or on any car chassis, semi-trailers and trailers at the customer's request. Load-carrying capacity of the platform to accommodate the transport and charging machine, maintenance workshop, ZIP kit, battery command post and simulator is 5-8 tons. The width of the platform - 2500 mm, length - 6000 mm.


Number of simultaneously processed SOC targets 48
(144 for three turns of SOC antenna)
Number of air targets displayed on the commander's indicator
            -most dangerous
Range of detection,m 32000
Angle of detection, deg. 0-32(32-64)
Defeat zone, m
            - at a distance
            -in height
            -at the rate of exchange
Speed of targets to be hit, m/s up to 700
Minimum horizontal hit range
            -in the height of 10m
            - over 100m high
not more than 1000
ZUR kit 8
Reaction time (from the moment of target detection to missile launch during parking), s 5-10
Charging time, min 18
Dimensions in transport position, mm (max)
            -frame height
            -height without frame
Maximum mass, t 15
Calculation, man 2


In October-November 2013 at the range of the Russian Ministry of Defense Kapustin Yar were tested version of the "Tor-M2KM" SAM system on the chassis of the Indian company Tata Motors. In the course of tests all the declared tactical and technical characteristics were fully confirmed, in particular, the combat capabilities of the complex to engage air targets at the far border of the kill zone of 15 km, targets flying at a speed of 700 m / s, as well as targets flying with a heading parameter of more than 6 km at a range of 12 km.

All-weather, all-weather and driving characteristics of the complex were confirmed. In addition, in the process of testing was tested interaction in a group consisting of a combat module, transport and charging module 9T244K, radar duty mode "Casta-2E2" and a unified battery command post "Ranzhir-MK".

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15 km.