Unguided rocket projectile 9M539

In the interests of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Russian specialists developed the 9M539 Unmanned Rocket Vehicle of Increased Efficiency, which is an equivalent of the 9M522 Unmanned Rocket Vehicle.

It is designed to engage open and concealed manpower, armoured and lightly armoured vehicles, command posts and other targets. The projectile can effectively engage targets behind folds of terrain (reverse slopes, gorges, etc.) and in the mountains. The destruction efficiency of RS 9M539 is on average 6 times higher than that of RS 9M22U [2].

The RS 9M539 can be fired from BM-21, 2B17, 9P138 combat vehicles (without data entry into the fuse and without separation of the head unit).

Technical specifications
Index 9М539
Cipher "Tornado-G."
Caliber, mm 122
Maximum projectile range, m (up to [2]) 20 000
Minimal range of fire, m. 5000 [3]
The length of the projectile, mm 3052 [2]
The length of the projectile with the fuse, mm 3052
Weight of projectile, kg 70 [2]U 69 [3]
Weight of projectile without fuse, kg 69
Weight of the combat (head [3], [4]) unit, kg 35 (36 [3], [4])
Weight of the fuse 9E285, kg 1
Number of fragments, pcs:  
ready (1.05 g) 2525
(weighing 3.0 g) 2100
from the body (average weight 1.5 g) 5400
Efficiency of shrapnel action in relation to M-21OF product more than sixfold
Packing: wooden crate [3]
The dimensions of the box, mm. 2978×288×250 [3]
The weight of the box with the projectile, kg. 101 [3],[4]
Weight of fuse boxing, kg 32
Packaging dimensions with fuses, mm 525×520×296
Temperature range of combat application, ° C minus 50 to plus 50
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