Реактивный снаряд

  1. fuse;
  2. warhead;
  3. rocket section.

The M-21OF unguided rocket (index 9M22U) when fired from a launch vehicle is designed:

  • to destroy and suppress enemy manpower and materiel in areas of concentration;
  • for the destruction and suppression of artillery and mortar batteries;
  • to destroy enemy fortifications, strongholds and resistance points.

The licensed production of the rocket was organized in Bulgaria, Romania and Czechoslovakia. A number of countries are continued to use it as the standard for development of own variants.

Technical specifications

Caliber 122 mm
Rocket length with fuse 2,870 mm
Warhead type high-explosive fragmentation
            - final charge
            - rocket in box
            - warhead
            - explosive filler in warhead
            - propellant charge
66 kg
100 kg 
18.4 kg
6.4 kg
20.45 kg
Maximum rocket velocity under normal conditions 690 m/s
Range of fire:
            - maximum
            - large bracking ring
            - small bracking ring
20,400 m
up to 12, 000 m
between 12,000 m and 16,000 m
Temperature range –40 – +50 °C
Overall dimensions of box 2,810х290х254 mm
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