Unguided rocket projectile 9M538

In the interests of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Russian specialists developed the 9M538 unguided rocket with a high-capacity shrapnel head, which is an analogue of the 9M521 unguided rocket.

It is designed to engage open and concealed manpower, armoured and lightly armoured vehicles, command posts and other targets. Defeat effectiveness of RS 9M538 is more than twice as high as that of RS 9M22U [2]. Number of ready 6-mm attack elements up to 1312 pcs., 9-mm - 2660 pcs.

The 9M538 rocket projectile can be used to fire from BM-21, 2B17 combat vehicles. 2B17M, 9P138.

Technical specifications
Index 9М538
Cipher "Tornado-G."
Caliber, mm 122
The length of the projectile, mm 2639 [2]
Length of projectile with fuse AZ-NV-48, mm 2639 [3]
The length of the projectile with the fuse MRV-U, mm 2588 [3]
Maximum projectile range, m (up to [2]) 20 000
Minimal range of fire, m. 5000 [3]
Weight of the combat (head [2]) unit, kg 34,5
Weight of projectile, kg 70 [2], 68,4 [3]
Weight of projectile (without fuse), kg 68,4
Weight of fuse A3-NV-48, kg 1,25
Weight of fuse MPV-U, kg 0,71
Shrapnel effectiveness at maximum range relative to the M-21OF product be at least twice as high
Number of fragments, pcs:  
ready (3.0 g) 2660
(1.0 g) 1312
from the body (average weight 7.0 g) 4369
Packing: wooden crate [3]
The dimensions of the MS box, mm. 2511×288×250 [3]
The weight of the box with the projectile, kg. 96 [3]
Weight of packing with non-contact fuses A3-NV-48, kg 43,8
Packaging dimensions with non-contact fuses A3-NV-48, mm 568×492×424
Packaging weight with contact fuses MRV-U, kg 48
Packaging dimensions with contact fuses MRV-U, mm 658×598×206
Temperature range of combat application, ° C minus 50 to 50
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