Unmanned rocket projectile TAKA 2 & TAKA 3 caliber 122 mm (Sudan)

Technical specifications
Caliber, mm 122
Weight of projectile, kg 66,6
Weight of the head end, kg 18
The length of the projectile, mm 3000
Highest projectile speed under normal conditions, m/s* 690
Minimum effective range, m 5000
Maximum effective range, m 20 000

*Muzzle velocity was erroneously used in the source, which translates correctly as the initial velocity, the projectile velocity from (out of) the guide. The conclusion is made on the basis of data from the M-21OF Field Rocket System projectile, the analogue of which is the projectile advertised by the Military Industry Corporation (MIC) of Sudan. It is not known what exactly this corporation is doing - reselling or possessing a complete production complex with the possibility of sale.