It has been documented that substance "60" was intended to be used for the equipment of chemical head units as per:

  • tactical and technical requirements of the Main Rocket and Artillery Directorate No. 0010091 (1 and 6 departments of the 1st Directorate of STC GRAU) (Supplement to the TTT GRAU No. 0010044-60) for development work "Jet chemical projectile in the equipment "R-35" and substance "60" with a non-contact fuse on the basis of the projectile to the system "Grad" (work code - "Lake");
  • TTT project on the ORC in the combat unit of the "Temp-S" operational-tactical missile (1961);
  • TTT GRAU project at the ARC "Military missile system "Luna-M" (1961), addition to TTT GRAU No. 0010086 "Development of chemical warfare unit of "Luna-M" product in cassette version" and is possible for other projects.

Some of its characteristics have also been documented:

Physical condition at +20ºC pale yellow
Density at +20ºC, g/cm3 1,014
Viscosity at +20ºC, centipuase around 10.7
Melting point, ºC -40÷-450
The temperature at which decomposition begins, ºC. around +200

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