Командный пункт

In the anti-missile defense mode KP 9C457 ensures the operation of SAMs to repel the impact of 9C19M2 "Ginger" ballistic missiles (BR) of "Pershing" type and aircraft BRs of SRAM type, receives radar information, controls the combat modes of the radar "Ginger" and multi-channel guidance station missiles, recognition and selection of true targets by trajectory features, automatic distribution of targets over SAMs, as well as issuance of sectors of the Ginger radar for the detection of ballistic and aeroballistic targets, interference directions for determining the coordinates of interference controllers. The KP has taken measures to maximize automation of the control process.

In the anti-aircraft defense mode, the KP provides operation of up to four SAMs (6 target channels each) to repel the hijacking by the 9C15M "Obzor-3" all-round surveillance radars of aerodynamic targets (up to 200), including those in the interfering environment; it also provides linkage and tracking of target trails (up to 70), reception of target information from a multi-channel missile guidance station and a superior command post, detection of target classes (aerodynamic or ballistic), selection of the most dangerous targets to engage SAMs.

The control provides for the target designation cycle (three seconds) of up to 24 target designation (Target designation) of the SAM system. The average operating time for a control from receiving target markings to issuing a CC when operating a circular view radar (with a view period of 6 seconds) is 17 seconds. When working with Lance type ballistic missiles, the range of CC issue is 80-90 km. Average operating time of the control in the ABM mode does not exceed 3 seconds.

All control equipment, which included special calculators (computers), equipment of telecode and voice communication lines with mating objects, control post of air defense system with three working places, equipment for documentation of control and combat equipment of the system, navigation, top linking and orientation equipment, autonomous power supply system (gas-turbine power unit), life support equipment, is placed on tracked chassis "object 834". ( see projections ).

The weight of the control unit is 39 tons. Calculation - 7 people.