Universal launchers 3C-14 series

Универсальные пусковые установки серии 3С-14

Universal ship sub deck launchers (PU) of vertical start (containerless and containerless) and deck inclined launchers of 3С-14 series were developed at the Special Machine Building Design Bureau (Saint-Petersburg). General Designer - N.A. Trofimov, Chief Designer - V.F. Potapov.

The latest versions of this series of launchers are 3S14E and 3S-14PE designed for storage and launching of 3M54TE, 3M14TE and 91PE2 missiles, which are part of the integrated weapon system of surface ships "Calibre-NKE". The Kalibr-NKE armament system (export designation "Club-N") was developed by JSC "Novator Design Bureau" (Ekaterinburg). Availability of missiles for various purposes in the system, as well as a single universal shipborne unit makes it possible to vary the range of carrier rockets depending on the task in hand and the specific combat situation.

The main ones for newly built ships are vertical launchers 3S14E, inclined PU 3S-14PE designed, first of all, to upgrade surface ships.

Universal launcher 3С-14PE

The 3C-14 vertical launch unit was developed by the KBSM in 1991 for the destroyer of project 1134.7. According to its design, it can accept various types of missiles in the transport and launch cups (TPS) SM-324 or in the TPS 3C-44 of various modifications. The launcher is made in the form of two platforms - upper and lower, fixed on the appropriate ship decks. On the upper platform there are seats for the TPS, armored covers with seals and hydraulic drives of covers are placed. The drives are driven by an electrohydroblock (EHB). On the lower platform there are seats for supporting the bottom part of the TPS. Installation of TPS 3C-44 in PU is carried out with the use of adapter rings on the PU seats. The PU provides eight missile seats. In the early 90's the work on PU 3C-14 was stopped.

Sub-deck universal launcher 3С-14К

Sub-deck vertical universal container PU (modular) is intended for placing in it on the amortized platform of four TPS type 3C-44 or SM-324 with missiles of different purpose. Container body is fibreglass plastic. The PU head is closed with two covers, which are opened by hydraulic drives from autonomous EGB. The PU is installed at the bottom of the container on the previously prepared foundations of the surface ship. The upper support ring of the PU provides sealing of the opening and vertical separation of the PU from the PC deck. The working documentation of PU 3S-14K was developed in 1994. The set of assembly documentation 3С-14К-12441 was issued in 1998, the design documentation was handed over to the manufacturer in 1998. The container sub deck launcher 3С-14К (for 4 missiles) is an autonomous cellar and imposes minimum requirements for placement on the ship.

PU 3S-14K is designed for multi-purpose patrol ships of the project 1244.1 "Thunder", which is placed four installations, two from each side (for 16 SCC).

Container (modular) PU allows:

  • carry out independent manufacturing of PU at the plant, foundations and mortgages at the NC without their adjustment at the installation;
  • to install PU on the carriers without special premises (cellars);
  • provide individual fire extinguishing in each PP;
  • isolate the adjacent NK premises from thermal, acoustic and gas effects during rocket launches.

PU 3C-14K provides at operation:

  • vertical loading of TPS with automatic docking to the electrical breaker unit (ERA);
  • remote fixing of the TPS loaded by a manual hydraulic drive;
  • automatic damping before rocket launches;
  • perception of loads arising from an emergency missile explosion inside the SCC;
  • complete flooding of the container with water during firefighting and its subsequent discharge.

Deck launcher 3C-14E


The launcher (PU) of 3S-14E vertical launch is designed for storage and combat use of rockets of Caliber-NKE ("Club-N") complex. It was developed by the KBSM in 1996-1999. PU is placed on a surface ship and represents, unlike PU 3S-14, a single module that includes the upper and lower platforms connected to each other by a spatial enzyme metal structure (see diagram). The executive devices and PU mechanisms are placed in the inner cavities of the platforms. The electro-hydroblock providing opening (closing) of PU covers together with actuators is placed in a separate premise of the ship.

Installation of vertical start 3С-14Э is delivered complete with transport and launching glass and a set of loading facilities, can be placed both on newly built ships (mod. 1 and 2), and on modernized ships (preferably mod. 2), is remotely controlled from the ship's firing control system and from the manual control panel during loading of ammunition, provides structural measures taken increased safety during operation and launch of missiles.

The upper and lower walls of the launcher are metal slabs with 8 cells (racquetomest). The upper plate is provided with individual armoured covers with hydraulic drives for each cell. The middle part of the unit - four side walls and interior partitions - is made of openwork metal trusses. Thanks to the vertical design, the unit is located below deck in the bow cellar, which makes it less vulnerable to enemy forces. Another advantage of this arrangement is that it saves space on the ship. In addition to the missiles that are part of the Caliber-NKE complex, this launcher can provide storage-start and other types of missiles.

Sub-deck launcher of vertical launch 3C-14E is placed in a cellar formed by ship structures. The first 3С-14E launchers are placed on three Indian frigates of Russian-made project 11356 (of "Talwar" or "Krivak-III" type), built by order of Indian Navy at Baltic Plant (St. Petersburg). It was tested in a set with a transport and launching glass and a set of loading facilities (see photo).

Launching machine 3C-14E mod.1 mod.2
Overall dimensions, mm :
            - length
            - width
            - altitude
Weight, kg 14700 17500
Number of rocket seats 8 8
Cover opening time, s 2,5 2,5
Power Consumption 3-50 Hz, 380 V, 30 kW 3-50 Hz, 380 V, 32 kW

Double container deck inclined PU 3C-14PE

The deck tilt launcher is used for placement and launching of 3M-54TE, 3M-14TE and 91RTE2 missiles and is intended for modernized ships.

Depending on the conditions 3С-14TE deck inclined launchers can be made in a shortened version.

Overall dimensions, mm :
            - length
            - width
            - altitude
Weight, kg 15000
Number of rocket seats 8
Power Consumption 3-50 Hz, 380 V, 30 kW