X-38ME multi-purpose missile

Ракета Х-38МЭ

X-38ME short-range guided aircraft missiles are designed to engage a wide range of ground (including fortified and armored) single and group targets, as well as enemy surface ships in the coastal strip. The peculiarity of the X-38ME family of missiles is the modular construction principle ensuring the increased combat efficiency due to the use of different types of guidance systems and combat equipment when operating on different targets, as well as promptly react to changes in tactical situation in the combat zone.

It has been developed by the Tactical Missile Arms Corporation since the early 1990s and is intended for arming Russia's advanced 5th generation aircraft systems, as well as Su-35, MiG-35 multifunctional fighters and helicopters. The missile was first demonstrated at MAKS-2007.

It is planned that the X-38 missiles will eventually replace the X-25M and X-29 missiles of various modifications previously developed by the corporation's enterprises in the armament complexes of domestic combat aircraft, with the new means of destruction taking an intermediate position between them. Compared with the X-25 and X-29 family missiles, the X-38 has significantly increased the designated operational resources, service life and reliability.

On the basis of the X-38ME, a modular sample of Grom-E bombshells has been developed. "The Grom-E can be used in a rocket version with an engine and one combat unit or with two combat units as a planning bomb. Different types of combat equipment with different striking factors have been developed for the Grom-E.


Ракета X-38

The X-38ME family of missiles is modular. Depending on the intended target type, different combat units and homing heads can be mounted on the missile. Homing of all modifications is combined - on the march section the missile is controlled by an inertial control system, and on the final section of the trajectory switches to homing. To reduce restrictions on the movement of the vehicle control system X-38 missile provides a very wide angle on the target bearing in the horizontal plane at the time of launch ± 80 °.

At present, the developer offers the following options for homing systems:

  • X-38MLE - with laser GSN;
  • X-38MBE - with satellite navigation system;
  • X-38MTE - with thermal GSN 9-B-7738;
  • X-38MTE - with active radar SOS.

Depending on the task on the missiles can be used different combat units: on the X-38 MAE, X-38MLE and X-38MTE - shrapnel or penetrating, on the X-38MKE - cassette. The marching engine is a two-mode solid fuel.

Options of application:

  • starting with the limit angle of the horizontal target pellet (see diagram);
  • short- and medium-range launch (see diagram);
  • a near-range launch from the diving carrier (see illustration);
  • maximum range launch (see illustration);
  • starting with the maximum angle of horizontal bearing of the target (see diagram);

The missiles are used with aircraft launch devices such as ACs or RCEs. In the case of a helicopter launch, rocket accelerators are placed at the rear of the missile, providing the required initial velocity.

The X-38 batch is included in the delivery package:

  • a combat rocket;
  • the layout of the rocket is dimensional;
  • training and operational missile;
  • inert missile;
  • training-cutting missile;
  • training summer missile;
  • operational documentation package;
  • a set of group MIS for 10 years;
  • a set of MIS single.

Ground-based operation of missiles is provided by the Oka-E-1 complex for the preparation of aircraft destruction means.


Start range, km 3 - 40
Maximum flight speed, M 2,2
Target bearing angle in horizontal plane at startup, deg. ±80°
Probability of hitting the target (no counter/response) 0,8/0,6
Service life, years. 10
Assigned resource (aircraft / helicopter):
            - on takeoffs and landings, pcs.
            - on the flight under the carrier, h
            - on the equipment development, h
Weight BC, kg up to 250
Starter weight, kg no more than 520
Dimensions, m
            - length
            - case diameter
            - missile wingspan
Starting conditions:
            - height range, m
            - speed range, m/s


According to data dated July 2018, the Soviet side sold the rockets and other components of the Hurricane system (it is worth understanding the Hurricane MLRS) to the Syrian side. Some of these rockets were handed over to the Hezbollah movement in the early 2000s.

In 2002, Alyazhedinov Vadim Rashitovich, Skirda Viktor Andreevich was awarded the S.I. Mosin Prize for his work on the topic: "The Hurricane multiple launch rocket system with increased accuracy and heap of fire.

Sergei Sivtsov - designer of control system elements. He made a significant contribution to the development of correcting switchgears for the angular stabilization systems of Smerch and Uragan Rocket Launcher Systems. He took direct part in working out of the given elements, tests and their introduction in a batch production.


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