Double barrel anti-aircraft gun 2A38

Двуствольный зенитный автомат 2А38

The 2A38 dual-barrel 30 mm anti-aircraft assault rifle provides for the firing of cartridges fed from the common for two barrels cartridge belt by a single feed mechanism. The automatic rifle is equipped with a single firing mechanism that serves the left and right barrels alternately. Firing control - remote by means of electric trigger. Cooling of the barrels is liquid: water or antifreeze at negative air temperature.

The rifle is operated at elevation angles from -9° to +85°. The cartridge ribbon consists of the cartridge links with the projectiles with the shrapnel-ignition and shrapnel-tracking action (in the ratio of 4:1). The projectile set is 1936 pieces. The automatic rifles provide total firing rate of 4060-4810 lb/min. The rifle's survivability (without changing the barrels) is not less than 8000 shots (in the shooting mode 100 shots per rifle with the subsequent cooling of the barrels). The initial projectile velocity is 960-980 m/s.