Scheme of combat unit 9H123K

Схема боевой части 9Н123К

  1. 9E326 radio sensor
  2. 9E237 shrapnel warfare fuse
  3. shrapnel warfare element (OBE) 9H24
  4. building 9H311
  5. central explosive charge 9X34
  6. safety actuation device (PIM) 9E117

The BC body is a conical cowling with a layer of heat protection coating separated by a partition. In the front part of the case there is a conical cowling of the radio sensor, and in the back part there is a bottom with a connector Ш45 and a cable. Connector SH45 provides electrical connection BC with the missile control system. The combat equipment BC 9H123K consists of 50 shrapnel combat elements (OBE) 9H24. The 9X34 central explosive charge is designed to open the BC case at an altitude of 2250m, scatter the combat elements and detonate the OBE fuses. The 9X34 is a cardboard case impregnated with paraffin, containing 19 TNT draughts and a detonator.

The casing of the 9H24 fragmentation warhead consists of 18 rings. Inside the case there is an A-IX-20 explosive charge, a 9E237 contact fuse and a stabilizing device. The 9E237 is a contact and safety fuse with a self-liquidation unit of the reaction-inertial type with a long range detonation. The fuse is detonated when the central explosive charge of the BC is detonated and detonates when it meets an obstacle at an angle of 25-90°. If the fuse fails, the OBE will self-liquidate. Self-liquidation time depends on the temperature of the pyrotechnic composition and is 32-60s after opening the BC. The OBE stabilizing device consists of plumage and special kapron strips.

Tactical and technical characteristics

Weight of BC,kg 482
Number of splinters in BC 15800
Diameter,mm 650
Length,mm 2325
Number of shrapnel fighting elements 9H24 50
Weight OBE 9H24,kg 7.45
Weight of explosive in OBE 9H24,kg 1.45
Number of splinters in OBE 9H24 316
Mass of the splinter, g 7
Surface area, ha. 3.5-7