Marte Mk2 anti-ship missile

Ракета "Marte" Mk2

Marte Mk2 missile is a modification of Sea Killer missile used from helicopters and is intended for firing at surface targets of small and medium displacement.

Developed by the Italian company "Oto Melara" and entered into service with the Italian Navy in 1987.

It was exported to Peru, Venezuela, Iran and Libya.


Ракета Marte Mk2

The missile has a normal aerodynamic pattern with a mid-range cruciform wing, whose rotating arms provide flight control, and a fixed cruciform tail stabilizer. The cruciform stabilizer with large-area rectangular arms is also equipped with a launch vehicle RDTT.

The missile is guided to the target by an active homing radar head. There are two modifications of the Mk2a missile - with a semi-combatant warhead and Mk2b - with a shrapnel-array. The warhead is detonated by a contact or non-contact type fuse.

After detecting an enemy at a range of about 50 km, the helicopter's onboard radar is turned off. Then a maneuver is performed to a height of less than 50m, and the helicopter continues to approach the target. At a distance of 20 km from the attacking ship is set altitude of 200m, the radar is activated, the target parameters are specified and launched (see diagram). To avoid the effects of air defence, the helicopter is sharply reduced and departs from the object of impact at an extremely low altitude.

The PKR is launched by means of a starting engine, which is launched approximately 1 s after the rocket is separated from the helicopter. Following the launch of the RDTT after 1.7 seconds, a solid propellant marching engine is launched. During the next 20 seconds, the missile drops to an altitude of 3-5 m and continues flying towards the target. The first 14 km of flight is controlled by an inertial system and a radio altimeter. The reduction of the missile to an extremely low altitude at the end of the flight path is programmed before launch or is performed by a radio command. Optical guidance is possible under simple weather conditions. At a range of about 6 km from the target, the homing head is activated. The initial scanning angle of the CNS in search mode is ±30°, when there is no grip it increases to ±60°, and in guidance mode it decreases to the initial value.

The coastal version of the Marte missile is called Mariner. The missile system includes a twin PU, radar and control station. Due to its low weight (only 160 kg), it can be placed in one vehicle or in one shelter.


Flight range, km 3- 20
Missiles flight speed 0,8—0,95М
The length of the rocket, mm 2850
The diameter of the rocket body, mm 220-270
Wingspan, mm 600
Start weight , kg 147
Weight of the blast unit, kg 35


MTUR "Malyutka" was very successfully used during the Arab-Israeli War in 1973, it was with its help that almost the entire Israeli tank fleet was destroyed - about 800 vehicles. Only on October 6, 1973, for example, the 252nd Israeli Tank Division was defeated - more than a hundred vehicles were hit.


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20 km.