Fighting vehicle 9P122

The 9P122 fighting vehicle with 9M14 (9M14M) guided missiles is designed to fight moving and stationary armored targets at ranges from 500 m to 3000 m.

The armored targets at ranges up to 500 m are countered with RPG-7 grenade launchers placed in the vehicle.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an AKM assault rifle and hand grenades for close combat. For alarm purposes, the vehicle is equipped with a flashlight with warning cartridges.

The combat vehicle is a self-propelled launcher mounted on the GAZ-41-02 base vehicle. The launcher consists of a package of guides, a lifting and turning mechanism, a hydraulic lift, an electric drive, as well as a set of ground control equipment and a sighting device with a control unit.

The SAMBOARD PACKAGE is used to install six projectiles, connect them to the electric circuits of the control equipment and direct them at the starting point when firing. It consists of a beam with six guides. The roof is fixed to the beam. A package of rails is attached to the bracket of the lift-and-turn mechanism.

The Lift-and-Turn mechansism is used to provide the guide package with the necessary guidance angles for firing in vertical and horizontal planes.

HYDROPOWER is used to raise and lower the guide pack when moving the combat vehicle from the homing position to the combat position and back. It consists of a hydraulic lift cylinder and hydraulic lift control units.

ELECTROPOWER is used to point the packet of guideways at the target in horizontal and vertical planes when tracking the target and when pointing the target.

The hydraulic lift and the electric drive have manual doublers. Drive doublers allow manual pointing of the guide package at the target (landmark), while hydraulic lift doubler allows manual lifting and lowering of the guide package in case of failure of the hydraulic lift main pump.

The 9M14 (9M14M) IMPORTANT APPARATOR is used to start and control the projectile in flight.

VISION 9S115A WITH FLASH and OPTICAL VISION 9S16 are intended for area observation, target search and observation of the projectile in flight and target.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the combat vehicle
Calculation, man. 2
Number of guides, pcs. 6
Number of shells, pcs:  
     - on rails 6
     - stacked 8
Range of fire, m:  
     - maximum 3000
     - minimum 500
Speed without recharging to maximum range 2 shots per minute
Maximum travel speed, km/h:  
     - along the highway 95-100
     - afloat 9-10
Power reserve:  
     - along the highway 750 km
     - afloat 17-19 hour
Maximum lifting angle of the fighting vehicle when moving on a sloping surface, °С 30
Transfer time (when operating the manual pump), min:  
     - amidst martial arts 3,5
     - from combat to travel 3
Transfer time for firing from a remote location, min:  
     - amidst martial arts 3
     - from combat to travel 3
Horizontal guidance corners ±14-20
Target location corners -0-80÷+1-70
Aiming angle (angle in the vertical plane between the line of sighting and the guide (+1-05) on the quadrant)  
     - horizontal guidance angles (on the remote control) ±13-00
Time to raise the guide pack to the top position by the machine pump, sec. 15
Lower guide pack time to lower position by machine pump, sec. 15
Time to raise the guide pack to the upper position by hand pump, min. not more than 2,5
Characteristics of the lift-turn mechanism:
Horizontal guidance speed:  
a) From the electric actuator, °/sec 8
b) from a manual understudy, °/sec 0,5
Vertical pointing speed:  
a) From the electric actuator, °/sec 3
b) from the manual drive, °/sec 0,2
Additional weapons, pcs:  
RPG-7 grenade launcher 1
PG-7 grenades 5
AKM automatic rifle (with a set of cartridges) 1
hand grenades 6
rocket launcher 1
warning chucks 21
Characteristics of the visionary device 9Ш115A:  
- viewpoint type monocular
- expanding eightfold
- visual field,° 15
- horizontal guidance angles ±14-20
- vertical angles -0-80÷+1-70
- horizontal overview sector ±15-40
- vertical review sector -1-55÷+3-45
- guidance speed during operation from the control unit:  
a) When tracking, °/sec 1,2
b) on reset, °/sec 16
c) division price:  
vertically 10 tons.
across 20 tons.
Characteristics of vizier 9S16:  
- viewpoint type monocular
- interstitiality, mm 250
- expanding eightfold
- field of vision 11°30'
The dimensions of the fighting vehicle:  
a) In a hiking position, mm  
length 5750
width 2350
altitude 2000
b) at war  
length 5750
width 2350
altitude 2800
The weight of a fully equipped combat vehicle, kg 7000