Rifles 9M519-1...7 to create radio interference

Снаряды для радиопомех

The set of seven 9M519-1-7 rockets with the same dimensional and dynamic characteristics is designed to interfere with the CW and VHF radio communication bands in order to disrupt the enemy's control system in the tactical link by suppressing radio communication lines, command and control points of troops and weapons, ground information processing points.

The projectiles have a head unit with P-032 transmitter of interference-detected liters.

  • the projectile mass is 66 kg,
  • length - 3025 mm,
  • The range of fire is 4.5-18.5 km,
  • operating frequency range - 1.5-120MHz,
  • continuous operating time - 60 minutes,
  • Transmitter range P-032 -700m.
  • temperature range of combat application -40...+50°С

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