Charge with cassette head unit 9M28K

снаряд с кассетной головной частью 9М28К

The 9M28K unguided rocket projectile has a cluster head unit with PTM-3 anti-tank mines and is intended for remote installation of minefields in front of enemy's combat equipment units at the edge of an attack, as well as in areas where they are concentrated.

Main tactical and technical characteristics:

  • the projectile mass is 57.7 kg,
  • head mass - 22.8 kg,
  • length - 3019 mm,
  • The range of fire is 13.4 km,
  • the number of mines is 3 pcs,
  • the mass of the mine is 5 kg,
  • the mass of the BB mine is 1.85 kg,
  • self-liquidation time is 16 to 24 hours,
  • temperature range of combat application -50...+50°C

Anti-tank mines ensure the destruction of military equipment from below under the entire salvo projection by using a non-contact fuse and a directional warhead with high armor penetration.