Shrapnel-flag shell 9M28F

осколочно-фугасный снаряд 9М28Ф

The 9M28F unguided rocket projectile is designed to engage open and concealed manpower, armoured vehicles and armoured personnel carriers in areas of concentration, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts and other targets.

The projectile has a powerful shrapnel and blasthead.

Main tactical and technical characteristics:

  • the projectile mass is 56.5 kg,
  • head mass is 21 kg,
  • the charge mass of the missile part is 14 kg,
  • The range of fire is 1.5-15 km,
  • length - 2270 mm
  • temperature range of combat application -50...+50°C
  • number of fragments, pcs:
    • ready (weight 5.5 g) - 1000
    • from the body (average weight 3.0 g) - 2440