Unguided rocket projectile 9M28S

The main structural elements of the projectile are: mechanical remote tube TM-120, ignition head part 9H510 and rocket part 9M28. At detonation of the head part the projectile is designed to create mass fire sources on the ground with dry vegetation and flammable combustible materials. The projectile can be fired by 9P138 (9K55 "Grad-1"), 9P139 (9K55-1 "Grad-2"), BM-21 (M-21 Field Rocket System), BM-21V (M-21V Field Rocket System), 9A51 (9K59 "Prima") combat vehicles. Powder brand of solid fuel charge - 9X168.

1 - ring distinctive strip; 2 - projectile index; 3 - projectile company number (cipher); 4 - lot number of projectile head units, year of equipment; 5 - projectile head unit index; 6 - projectile body lot number, year of manufacture, mechanical company number (cipher); 7 - projectile lot number, year of assembly, number (cipher) of projectile company (base), which assembled; 8 - projectile part index; 9 - powder charge index; 10 - powder lot number, year of manufacture, number (cipher) of the enterprise which has made a powder (in case of manufacture of a powder charge and a powder at the different enterprises); 11 - powder lot number, year of manufacture, number (cipher) of the enterprise which has made a powder charge; 12 - Electric ignition index (9X317) or pyroelectron 9X264; 13 - lot number of assembled rocket parts, year of assembly, number (cipher) of the enterprise (base), which assembled; 14 - electric test mark and distinctive marking.

General characteristics of NURS 9M28S
Header type ignition
Fuse type mechanical remote tube TM-120
Missile part marking 9М28
Weight and linear characteristics NURS 9M28C
Caliber, mm 122
The length of the projectile, mm:  
with an unrolling pipe 23 18
piped 2298
Weight of projectile, kg  
with an unrolling pipe 53
piped 53,1
Weight of remote tube TM-120, kg 0,97
Weight of the head part, kg 17,8
Mass of gunpowder charge with ignition, kg 14,19
Weight of ignition and bouncing charge of the head part, kg 0,1
Number of ignition elements, pcs. 180
Weight of ignition elements, kg 5,94
Ignition element burning time, s not less than 2
Temperature range of warfare, ºC between -50 and +45
The weight of the container with the projectile, kg 79
Overall dimensions of the container 9Y688:  
length 2236
width 293
altitude 250
Technical specifications of NURS 9M28S
Maximum projectile range, m 15 070
Flying range with large brake ring, m between 9390 and 1650
Highest projectile speed under normal conditions, m/s 593
Rocket unit operating time, s 1,66

Боевая машина 9П138. Техническое описание и инструкция по эксплуатации. Часть III. Боеприпасы 9П138 ТО2. Книга 2 Боевые машины 9П139, БМ-21, 9П125, 9А51. Боеприпасы. Воениздат, М.: 1986. – С.5,15,20.