Rocket projectile 9M218 with cassette HF

снаряд 9М218 с кассетной ГЧ

The 9M218 Unguided Rocket Launcher with Cumulative Shrapnel Battle Elements (CSDE).

It is designed to engage light armoured vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles (BMP), armoured personnel carriers (APC), self-propelled artillery pieces (SAU)), manpower, aircraft and helicopters in parking lots.

Main tactical and technical characteristics:

  • projectile calibre - 122 mm
  • the projectile's weight is 70 kg,
  • head mass is 25 kg,
  • length - 3037 mm
  • the range of fire is up to 30 km,
  • the number of COBEs is 45,
  • the thickness of pierced homogeneous armor is 100-120 mm,
  • temperature range of combat application -50...+50 °С