Unmanned 122 mm calibre projectile (UAE production)

The BURKAN Munitions Systems advertising brochure for the period July 2013 at the latest contains data on the 122 mm calibre unguided rockets. According to this brochure, BURKAN Munitions Systems, a member of the TAWAZUN Group, is particularly involved in the field of transport and launch container (TPC) equipment with 122 mm rockets.

Caliber, mm 122
Length, mm 2930
Jet weight, kg 66
Maximum flight range, m 40000
Minimum flight range, m 21000
Fuel type mixed solid 
Header type steel case, blast equipment
Weight of the head end, kg 18,4
Explosive substance type TNT+RDX
Weight of explosives, kg 6,5
Effective radius of impact, m 20
Fuse contact
Types of targets to be hit living force, light-armoured targets
Number of stabilizer unit blades, pcs. 4
Stabilizer unit blade type folding
Life Cycle 10 years if the storage conditions according to NATO standards are met
launcher disposable sealed shipping container (FCK)
Number of rockets in TIC, pcs. 20
TIC protection from humidity, corrosion, shock, vibration, direct sunlight and radiation

 Рекламная брошюра: BURKAN Munitions Systems. Объединённые Арабские Эмираты. URL: http://www.burkan.ae/media/102401/burkan_flyers.pdf