Bulgarian 122 mm caliber rockets

Technical characteristics of 122 mm caliber rockets

Ordnance index M-21 ROM M-21 SIM
Useful load radar reflectors light elements
Caliber,mm 122 122
Weight, kg:    
full 66,34 66,28
header 19,8 19,9
fuels 20,45 20,45
Length, mm:    
header 3286 2875
header 1157 749
Maximum range, m 18000 19000
Minimum range, m 4000 4100
Speed at the end of the active section of the trajectory, m/s 600-690 600-690
Time of flight, s 51 53
Operating temperature range,ºC -40 – +50 -40 – +50

These M-21 122 mm rockets were specially designed to train the calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems. There are two versions of the projectiles: the M-21 ROM radar index and the M-21 SIM illumination index. They are designed for firing from the RPU-91B rocket launcher.
These training rounds are promoted on the armament market by the Bulgarian company Kintex SHC and may be produced by VMZ (Vazovski Mashinostroitelni Zavodi - Vazovski Mashinostroitelni Zavodi). The time of work and the current status are unknown.
The design of these two training shells includes identical rocket engines with a fuel weight of 20.45 kg RSI-12M.

The design of the M-21 ROM radar unguided missile head unit includes steel and copper reflectors (reflectors) placed inside the fiberglass head unit. The elements are combined in such a way that it is possible to provide a radar reflective surface with the area of more than 0.5 m2. It is possible to include a self-liquidation mechanism into the structure, which actuates after a period of time from 3 to 5 seconds.

The head of the M-21 SIM projectile emits light signals in order to simulate air targets emitting infrared radiation. For this purpose, a pyrotechnic composition is used, which flows through a series of nozzle holes located almost behind the ogival part of the head of the projectile. The inertial flammable composition will burn for 60 seconds with a full imitation of the sound of a low-flying air target. The pyrotechnic compartment weighs 19.9 kg and is 749 mm long.

Cassette head projectile variant

Ordnance index KNURS-DM
Caliber,mm 122
Head end equipment 6 anti-tank mines TMD 1
Weight of the mine, kg 2
Height of the mine, mm 135
Mine diameter, mm 112
Fuse type magnetic/contact, with 6 self-liquidation periods of 2 to 96 hours