The radar of program review 9С19М2 "Ginger".

9С19М2 "Имбирь"

The 9С19М2 "Ginger" program view radar is a three-axis coherent-pulse radar of the centimeter range with high energy potential, electronic beam control in two planes and high throughput capacity. Ginger Software Vision (SW) radar (9С19М2) - for the detection of ballistic missile heads, aeroballistic missiles such as SRAM and barrage aircraft interferers at ranges up to 100 km;

Electronic scanning of the beam in two planes allows for rapid analysis of target designation sectors from the 9C457 system's KP or for cyclic, high-speed (1-2 sec) reference points with a high rate (1-2 sec), in order to tie them into paths and to follow the paths of high-speed targets. The use in the station of a narrow beam antenna (about 0.5 °), probing signals with linear frequency modulation and a large compression ratio provides a small pulse volume, which in combination with a digital system of intermittent compensation, the scheme of automatic compensation for wind speed (dipole interference) and electronic scanning allows for high protection from passive interference.

The high energy potential achieved through the use of a powerful amplifier klystron in the transmission device, combined with electronic beam scanning of the antenna and digital processing of the received signals provides good protection against active noise interference.

In the radar 9C19M2 several modes of review are implemented.

The first mode provides detection and tracking of the head part of the BR type "Pershing". In this mode the field of view is ±45° on azimuth, 26° - 75° on angle of a place and 75-175 km on distance. In this mode the angle of inclination normal to the PHAR surface relative to the horizon is 35°. The view time of the specified search sector, taking into account the two target trails, is 12.5-14 seconds. Maximum number of trails to be escorted is 16. Every second the coordinates and target movement parameters are transferred to the system control.

The second mode provides detection and tracking of SRAM-type aircraft ballistic missile and cruise missile with ballistic and aeroballistic launch. The field of view is ±30° in azimuth, 9° - 50° in angle and 20-175 km in range. Target movement parameters are transmitted to 9C457 with 0.5 Hz frequency.

The third mode provides detection and tracking of aerodynamic targets, as well as direction finding (if possible and rangefinding) of interferers at distances up to 100 km. In this case, the view area is ± 30 ° azimuth, 0 ° - 50 ° on the angle of the place and 20-175 km at a pitch normal PHAR to the horizon, equal to 15 ° . The direction of view is given by the telecode communication line with the system control or the station operator.

At regular review of the area, the incoming target designation from the system control automatically interrupts the review, and after the Central Control workout the review is resumed. The rate of information update depends on the size of the installed search area as well as on the interference situation and can vary from 0.3 to 16 seconds. The coordinates of the detected targets are transmitted to the 9C457 control. RMS target coordinate measurement errors do not exceed 70m in range, 15min in azimuth, 12min in angle. Radar 9C19M2 allows you to detect high-speed targets with a reflective surface of 0.02 sq.m. in conditions of strong interference, when the work of other radars becomes impossible.

The radar equipment is placed on a tracked self-propelled "object 832" (see projections, photo). The weight of the station is 44 tons. Calculation - 4 persons.