9С15М "Review-3" round-the-clock radar

9С15М "Обзор-3"

The 9C15M "Obzor-3" all-around radar is a three-axis coherent-pulse radar to detect the centimeter wave range with instantaneous frequency adjustment, software electronic beam control (1.5 ° x 1.5 °) in the angular plane, electro-hydraulic antenna rotation on the azimuth and high bandwidth.

The radar has two modes of circular regular air view used for detection of aerodynamic targets, as well as ballistic missiles such as 8K14 and XMG-M52C "Lance".

In the first mode, the view area of the station is 45° on the angle of the place, the instrumental range of detection - 330 km, the view rate - 12 sec. The fighter is detected with the probability of 0.5 at a range of 240 km.

In the second mode, the view area of the station is 20° on the corner of the place, the instrumental range - 150 km, the view rate - 6 sec. In this mode to detect the BR there is a program to slow down the antenna rotation by azimuth in the BMD sector (within 120°) and increase the view sector by angle of a place up to 55°. In this case the information update rate is 9 sec. In the second mode the fighter aircraft is reliably detected within the entire instrumental range, and the range of detection of BR type 8K14 is not less than 115km, type XMG-M52C - not less than 95km.

To increase the potential of the radar in separate directions, protect it from active, passive and combined interference, there are four more programs to slow down the station's antenna rotation, which could be implemented in two modes of regular review. With these programs, the update rate is increased by 6 sec. with a deceleration sector size of 30°.

Interference immunity of the radar is provided by the use of the antenna having low and fast falling down to the level of background (about 50 dB) level of the side blades of the directional diagram, limitation and optimal filtration of echoes, three-channel autocompensator of active interference, temporary automatic gain control of the receiver, nonlinear scheme of selection of moving targets with automatic consideration of wind speed (passive interference), analysis of intensity of active interference and incoherent accumulation of signals (in amplitude mode and after the scheme of selection of a moving target), automatic interview blanking of separate sections of the probed directions with intensive level of interference from local objects.

The station is able to determine the angular coordinates (bearing) of aircraft noise-fence barrier and give them to the control 9C457 system S-300V. In areas of intense reflections from local objects and weather formations can blanket automatic data acquisition. The all-around visibility radar provides up to 250 markers for the period of visibility, among which there can be up to 200 targets in the auto data acquisition mode. RMS errors in determining the coordinates of the station's targets are: the range - no more than 250 m, the angle of the place - no more than 35 minutes, the azimuth - no more than 30 minutes. The station's resolution is no worse than 400 m in range and 1.5° in angular coordinates.

The radar 9C15M "Obzor-3" is a part of the station:

  • antenna, which is a flat one-dimensional waveguide array with a program electrohydraulic rotation on the azimuth and electronic scanning of the beam on the corner of the place;
  • transmission device made on a running wave lamp and two amplitons, with an average power of about 8 kW;
  • noise protection device;
  • auto data acquisition device;
  • computing device based on two special computers;
  • equipment for determining the nationality of the "Password" system;
  • navigation, top linking and orientation equipment, autonomous power supply system;
  • gas-turbine power supply unit, life support equipment, equipment for telecode and voice communication with the control unit of S-ZOV system.

All the devices and various equipment of the all-around visibility radar are mounted on the tracked chassis "object 832" (see projections).

The weight of the station is 46 tons. Calculation - 4 persons.

The 9C15M station underwent several upgrades in the 90s (9C15MT, 9C15MVZ and 9C15MTZ).