M-13 reactive projectile with ballistic index TC-13

Main characteristics of M-13 projectile with ballistic index TC-13
Caliber, mm 132
Weight of final projectile with GWMZ fuse, kg 42,5
Weight of equipped combat unit, kg 21,9
Weight of explosive charge, kg 4,9
Weight of equipped jet engine, kg 20,6
Powder charge weight, kg 7,05-7,13
The length of the projectile without the fuse, mm 1415
Wingspan (blade) stabilizer, mm 300
Reactive powder charge burning time, with 0,85
Average reactive force, kg 1650
Guide projectile velocities (muzzle velocity), m/s 70
Average projectile acceleration, m/s2 500
Highest projectile speed, m/s. 355
The length of the active section of the trajectory, m 125
The longest range of fire, m. 8470
Shrapnel radius (when the fuse is set to "O", m). 8-10
Radius of actual shrapnel hitting (when the fuse is set to "O", m 25-30
Funnel dimensions in medium-hard soil (when the fuse is set to "Z"), m:  
diameter 2-2,5
depth 0,8-1
Range mean deviation - W (at an elevation angle of 45º), m 105
Mid lateral deviation - WB (at 45º elevation angle), m 200

Ammunition from the Mortar Guards. Quick guide. Edition two. GAU of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. - Moscow: Soldier, 1948. - С.10,12.