Maverick AGM-65e


The ASM-65E missile was developed by order of the US Marine Corps Command. It uses laser GSN developed by Rockwell for Hallfire. It can only work if the target is illuminated from the ground or air (coded signal).

It is designed for use against protected and armored ground targets, surface ships, day and night regardless of weather conditions.


Схема Maverick

All variants of the "Maverick" rocket have the same normal aircraft aerodynamic scheme and are equipped with a 2-mode solid fuel engine TCh- 481. In the starting mode it develops a thrust of 4540 kgf, and in the marching mode - 990 kgf. The total thrust pulse is 6160 kg, engine run time is 3.5s.

The missile's shrapnel-and-phase warhead weighing 135 kg has a massive steel case, inside which a powerful BB charge is placed. The design of the hull eliminates its ricocheting and due to its heavy weight provides penetration of the target hull, and the explosion of the BB is carried out with some deceleration, which is selected depending on the nature of the target.

When the aircraft flies to the target area, the CNS searches for a laser beam reflected from it in a sector with a cross-section size of up to 12 km. Target designation may be by ground, air or portable systems. When a signal is detected (at a range of up to 18 km), the head captures the target and tracks it without the crew. The launch range of the missile does not depend on the size of the target and is determined only by the power reflected from its signal. Maverick" ASM-65E can be used on an aircraft without any modifications. However, in comparison with the missiles equipped with TV ("AGM-65A") and thermal imaging sensors ("AGM-65D", "AGM-65F"), where the sight indicator shows a real image of the target, in this version only symbols are displayed. While scanning the head in the search mode, a cross-shaped mark is formed on the screen, which changes its position on the screen according to the deviation of the CNS. Once the signal reflected from the target (i.e., the target) is captured, a square mark is displayed in its place, notifying the pilot that the target is captured and accompanied.


Airplane carrier АV-8B, F/A-18
Missiles flight speed, km/h 1150
Flight range, km 27
Range of target acquisition of CNS, km 18
The length of the rocket, mm 2490
The diameter of the rocket body, mm 304.8
Wingspan, mm 711.2
Start weight , kg 286.0
Weight of combat unit, kg 136
Engine weight TX-481, kg 47.20


Evaluating the results of the combat application of "Maverick" missiles with TV homing heads in Vietnam (A "Ì-65A), during the operation "Desert Storm", during flight tests and training launches (A "Ì-65A and A "Ì-65B) specialists note that these missiles have quite high accuracy. According to their calculations, the probability of a guided missile hitting a small target (tank, APC, etc.) was 85% on average. However, it is emphasized that such an indicator was achieved under favorable conditions (only during the day and with good visual visibility of the target), in which it is possible to use guided missiles with TV homing heads. This imposes great limitations on the use of missiles in Central and North European theaters of war, especially in winter, due to a significant reduction in daylight hours, frequent fogs and precipitation. Therefore, it is only possible to effectively use guided missiles with television homing heads during this period in 30% of daylight hours.


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18 km.