PKR X-31A Guidance Scheme

  1. Determining the coordinates, grade and course of the target by means of the carrier radar or receiving this information from a reconnaissance aircraft, programming the missile's IMS. Disengagement of the rocket, switching off the radar, the lapse of the carrier and care for a very low altitude;
  2. Launching the rocket's starting engine and a set of altitudes of 300-10000m. Control of course and altitude from IMS and RV;
  3. Acceleration to the speed corresponding to M=1.8, RDT hull reset after burnout, blank separation and SAR launch. Acceleration of the SARD to M=4.5. Flight to the target area according to the IMS data;
  4. Decrease to an altitude of 250-300 m at the final stage of the flight, search and capture of the target of the missile's ARGSN, transition to active radar homing;
  5. Reconstructing the missile's ARGS from the interference created by the enemy's REPs, diving to the target, undermining the BC.