Scheme of guidance of X-20 projectile by "remaining range" method

  1. Canad Yad1-1 (wavelength 10cm) of the radiometric station of the carrier ND accompanies the target, determining the azimuth and range to it, channel Yad1-2 (wavelength 3cm) accompanies the projectile, deviated from the course.
  2. The projectile's NR and SOD-57 equipment receives a 3-cm signal from the Yad1-2 channel and generates a 2-cm delayed response signal, which is received on the carrier. The operator combines the markings from the target and the projectile, the calculator determines the angle between the directions of the target and the missile, generates a control pulse that changes the trajectory of the missile. It is received by the projectile's NPS equipment, amplified and transmitted to the NK autopilot, which produces the required rudder deviation.