Scheme of guidance of the X-20 aircraft in "navigation" modes

  1. Obtaining target coordinates and launching the projectile.
  2. Delivery of the K1 command's YAK autopilot at the 46th second to convert the projectile into a castration.
  3. Altitude gain of 15000m, K2 command output by the software device at 221st second for transfer to horizontal autonomous flight. Control from autopilot.
  4. Capture of the target and the projectile by the radiometric system of the carrier nucleus.
  5. Command K3 to switch to control by signals from the carrier using the remaining range method (see diagram). Reception of discrete control pulses from the medium board. Closing the command pointing 100-150 km to the target, turning the medium back.
  6. Command K4 to transfer the projectile to a 70° dive.
  7. Blowing BC at an altitude of 3-4 km. When the projectile is launched in the "radar" mode the detachment is made only after the target is captured by the carrier nuclear system. In this case the accuracy increases, but the distance to the target decreases.