Rocket projectile 9M27K3

Реактивный снаряд 9М27К3

The 9M27K3 rocket projectile has a 9H128K3 cassette warhead (Hurricane) with PFM anti-personnel mines (PFM-1C) and is intended for remote installation of minefields, ensuring the defeat of enemy manpower. The pressure-action PFM antipersonnel blast mine is equipped with liquid explosive substance VS-6D. The mines are placed in a combat unit of five tiers.

On the descending part of the projectile flight path, the head unit is separated and the mines are pushed out of the hull by a pyro-patron. This starts the process of putting the mines into the combat position, which ends 1-10 minutes after the surface mine is touched.

The ellipse of dispersion of the mines of one volley of 16 shells has an area of 150 hectares. If this results in a circle, its diameter is 975 metres. The average square distance between adjacent mines will be 8-9 metres. Thus, two to three volleys at a single point of aim will be sufficient to create a minefield of normal density.

The combat time of PFM-1C mines is 1-40 hours, which depends on the ambient temperature (the shortest operating time at +50°C, the longest at -30°C), after which the mines will self-liquidate by blasting. Defective mines that have not been brought into active position for any reason will also self-liquidate within the same time period.

Shown high effectiveness during the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989).

Main tactical and technical characteristics:

  • projectile weight - 270 kg,
  • head mass is 89.5 kg,
  • length - 5178 mm,
  • 220mm caliber,
  • number of mines in the combat unit - 312 pcs,
  • mine weight - 0.08 kg,
  • explosive weight in a mine - 0.04 kg,
  • the mine's self-destruct time is 1-40 hours,
  • the area of mine dispersal from the volley of one combat vehicle is at least 60 ha.

According to the open data of 2011, at the bases and arsenals of the land forces and navy there was a significant number of RS 9M27K3 equipped with PFM-1S anti-personnel landmines with expired storage periods.

In accordance with the joint decision of the specialists of the State Enterprise "Splav" and the servicemen of the RF MoD GRAU No 51/5/2984 of 21.12.2004, the RS 9M27K3 was recognized as dangerous in circulation.

A special place in this problem is occupied by PFM-1C mines in terms of danger of technogenic and ecological disasters.