Unguided rocket projectile 9M27K2

Реактивный снаряд 9М27К2

The 9M27K2 unguided rockets (Hurricane MLRS) are designed for operational remote setting of anti-tank minefields both in front of the enemy's military equipment units at the edge of the attack and in the area where they are concentrated.

By Decree of the CPSU Central Committee and the USSR CM No. 622-205 of July 18, 1980, the 9M27K2 unguided missile was adopted by the Soviet Army.

Main tactical and technical characteristics
Caliber, mm 220
Weight, kg 270
Length, mm 5178
Header type PTM cassette
Weight of the head part, kg 89,5
Length of the head end, mm 1730
Quantity of PTM "PTM-1G", pcs. 24
Weight of the mine, kg              1,55
Mass of explosives in a mine, kg 1,1
Type of mine detonator with hydraulic self-liquidation mechanism, pressure action
Time to self-liquidation, h 3–40
Range of flight of the projectile, m:  
minimum 10 000
maximum 35 000
Temperature range of combat application, ° C  – 40 – +50
Overall dimensions of the container with four NURS, mm  5370×725×711
The weight of the container with four NURS, kg 1354