Unguided rocket projectile 9M27F

Реактивный снаряд 9М27Ф

The 9M27F (Hurricane) Unmanned Rocket Launchers with Shrapnel and Blast Heads are designed to engage manpower, armoured and lightly armoured vehicles, destroy command posts, communication nodes and military industrial facilities.

It was adopted for service in 1975.

It showed high efficiency during the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989).

Main tactical and technical characteristics
Caliber, mm 220
Weight, kg 280
Length, mm 4832,4
Header type shrapnel-foot
Head unit designation 9N128F
Weight of the head part, kg 100
Length of the head end, mm 1385
Mass of explosives in the head end, kg 51,9
Diameter of the funnel (ground), m 8
Funnel depth (ground), m 3
Fuse type immediate or delayed action
Missile part marking 9М27
The projectile's range, m  
minimum 10 000
maximum 35 000
Overall dimensions of the container with four NURS, mm                       5370×725×711
The weight of the container with four NURS, kg 1394
Temperature range of combat application, ° C  – 50 – +50


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