Rocket projectile 9M27C

The 9M27C (Hurricane) rocket projectile with the 9H128C incendiary head part is intended for use:

  • the defeat of the enemy's manpower, firepower and military equipment by the fire of mass fire;
  • destruction of warehouses, means of transporting fuel and ammunition;
  • prohibiting the maneuvering of enemy troops by creating a mass fire;
  • combating means of nuclear attack;
  • destroying high-precision weapons and control points;
  • illuminating the area by creating a mass fire.

Conditions of use of the projectile:

  • the wind towards the enemy;
  • the presence of combustible vegetation in the target area;
  • the ground in the target area is hard and dry;
  • lateral wind speed of no more than 10m/s (at high values there must be an obstacle (water, green meadows, arable land) with a width of more than 200m);
  • stable dry weather (no precipitation for up to 10 days);

Conditions that preclude the use of the projectile:

  • the wind towards their troops;
  • side wind over 10 m/sec;
  • target and their troops in the same forest area.