Anti-aircraft guided missile 9M333

The 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missile is part of the 9K35M3 system and is designed to engage low-flying aircraft and helicopters at any time of year in the application of dropped, parachuted and modulated organized optical interference, as well as remotely piloted aircraft (RAP) and cruise missiles.

Caliber, mm 120
The length of the rocket, mm 2223
Wingspan, mm 360
Mass of the rocket, kg 41
Mass of the rocket in the container, kg 72
Mass of the rocket with the container in the cork, kg 112
Weight of combat unit, kg 5
Weight of the explosive, kg 2,6
Tilted target range, m between 800-1200 and 5000
On parameters, m between 0 and 3000
Average rocket speed, m/s 550
Flight height of targets, m between 10 and 3500
Flight speeds of hit targets, km/h:  
oncomingcoming courses up to 1500
in a catch-up course up to 1100
Firing restriction zone towards the Sun 20°
Explosion device non-contact safety type
The range of launch from the fighting vehicle, uh, at least 200
Self-liquidation time, s 29±5
Homing Head  passive tri-band (optical infrared), gyroscopic narrowband
Standby time, s 8
Conditions of use:  
ambient temperature, °С ±50
relative humidity at 25°C, % 98