The overclocking motor is designed to provide the projectile with the required starting speed at the cut of the starting tube and to communicate the rotational motion to it.

The acceleration engine is a single-mode solid propellant engine and consists of the following main parts: lid 7 with nine welded sockets 9, inclined to the engine longitudinal axis; chamber 6, obtained by rotary extrusion; two rubber diaphragms 3 and 5; ejection charge 4 {charge 9X184); igniter 16 ejection charge (igniter 9X262). A sprinkler 10 socket is provided in the RD.

Sprayer is intended for spraying anti-freeze liquid on the surface of the deflector of the IR respondent to avoid frost formation on it in all conditions of combat application of the product 9M114. Sprayer 10 consists of the body 24, piston 23, nut 26, through which the sprayer 10 is attached to the camera 6, cover 29, having 18 holes, and needles 28. The inner cavity of casing 24 is filled with de-icing fluid 25.

The tightness of the body is provided by a ball B V 2 mm H H2337-56 21, pads 22, 27, soldered to the body 24.

Charging 9X184 4 consists of 28 multi-channel draughts of VATI-2K brand, telescopic shape with dimensions 20 X 115 mm.

The 9X262 16 ring-shaped igniter consists of the body and cover made of die-cast aluminium foil, pads with contacts reinforced in it 17, powder hood of the DRD No 2 weighing 7 g and two MB-2H electric igniters. The 9X262 ignitor contacts simultaneously serve to fix the latter in the upper engine chamber.

The inclination of the sockets to the longitudinal axis of the engine provides a tangential component of the thrust, which reports the rotational motion of the projectile.

Acceleration of the acceleration motor

When the electric voltage is applied to the MB-2H electric ignitors, the latter, triggering, initiate the gunpowder hood of the 9X262 ignitor, from which gases ignite the charge 9X184.

Under the action of gunpowder gases in the sprayer 10 moves piston 23 and anti-icing fluid 25 through the holes A is sprayed on the surface of the reflector. Upon reaching a certain pressure level in the chamber, plugs 8 are ejected and the combustion products of the 9X184 charge flow out of the sockets of the accelerating engine, which creates the traction necessary to accelerate and twist the projectile. The thrust causes the projectile to fly out of the vehicle, activates the remote control, separates the EP from the projectile due to the difference in speed of the EP and the projectile.