Instrumentation bay

The instrument compartment is designed to accommodate on-board radio equipment and equipment for creating pulsed IR radiation.

The instrument compartment consists of a housing 2 reinforced with inserts 16, a bushing 8; a block 5 of on-board radio equipment with a horn antenna 25; a block 7 of the respondent, which includes a modulator 9, a reflector 13 and a pulse lamp 12. The onboard radio equipment block and the respondent's block are connected to each other with screws 6 and are attached to the case with screws 11 and inserts 10. Electrical communication between the Respondent Unit and the On-Board Radio Unit is carried out via the contact board 24. There is a harness 1 for the electrical connection of the instrument compartment with the steering wheel.

There are feathers 14, 15 on the body of the instrument compartment. They are arc-shaped plates fixed on axes 17 in the recesses of the case and are designed to create a lifting force. When the projectile is placed in the container pipe, the feathers are placed on the instrument compartment housing. The feathers are opened after the projectile leaves the launching tube-container due to centrifugal forces. In the open position feathers are held by stops 18, 20 with springs 19. To maintain the projectile rotation speed on the trajectory, the front edges of the feathers are chamfered.

A cover 21 of the control output of the waveguide 23 with a disk 22 covering the waveguide output and a cover 4 of the mechanism of switching of literal frequencies are fixed on the case of the instrument compartment. Literary frequency switching is performed by turning axis 3 until the axis pointer coincides with one of the numbers.