Active semi-active homing head 9B-1103M-200PA is designed for installation on air-to-air missiles designed to destroy aircraft, helicopters (including hovercrafts), cruise and anti-location missiles.

The potential carriers of the 9B-1103M-200PA are medium-range aircraft rockets of the RVV-SD type and long-range aircraft rockets of the RVV-AE-PD type.

The developer is the Agat Moscow Research Institute.

GSN 9B-1103M-200PA was demonstrated at the MAKS-2011 aerospace exhibition, the International Forum "Technologies in Mechanical Engineering 2014".

GSN 9B-1103M-200PA - combined antenna. In the active mode the homing head works in Ku-band, using waveguide and slot antenna, in semi-active mode the antenna grating of 12-16 dipoles installed on the front surface of the antenna is used (see photo).

The composition of the CNS:

  • managed coordinator with antenna
  • transmitting channel
  • receiving channel
  • programmable on-board computer system

ARGS 9B-1103M-200PA provides:

  • searching, capturing and escorting air targets;
  • receiving and decoding radiocorrection signals;
  • formation and transmission of signals over a digital communication line for missile control ;

Modes of operation:

  • Fully autonomous (active) mode by pre-targeting without radar support in flight (the "let-forget" mode);
  • inertial guidance mode with radiocorrection;
  • reprogramming mode.


Target acquisition range with (EEP=3 m2), km:
          - inertial-semi-active mode
          - active mode
  80 – 100
Speed range of targets   0,1 – 5М
Target parameters:
          - minimum flight height, m
          - speed,m/sec
           -effective reflective surface, m2
  50 – 1200
  from 0.05
Ready time, s:
          - not pre-turned on
          - upon initial activation
  5 – 8
Operation range of the active channel   Ku
Operation range of the semi-active channel   Ku
Dimensions, mm:
          -length (without fairing)
Weight, kg    25