Turbo generator of R-3S rocket

Турбогенератор ракеты Р-3С

Turbo generator is designed to power the rocket equipment with single-phase alternating current. The main parts of the turbogenerator are housing 2, stator 7, rotor 11, turbine 1 and shield 6. Stator 7 has two permanent magnets and two windings in series connected to the core. Rotor 11 consists of a shaft and an electrotechnical steel sheet package applied to it. Sheets with a thickness of 0.35 mm are glued together with BF-4 glue and look like a star with six protrusions. The rotor axis is mounted on ball bearings 10, pressed into the housing 2 and the shield 6. The turbine 1 is mounted on the end of the rotor axis. The turbine is active, with a symmetrical blade profile, made in one piece with a disk. Bandage 4, fixing the blades, increases the efficiency of the turbine.

To protect the ball bearing pressed into the shield 6 from the thermal effects of powder gases, a labyrinth seal formed by two circular ducts in the turbine and corresponding projections in the shield is provided. For the same purpose, holes 3 have been drilled in the shield, through which the powder gases pass into the turbine generator housing, bypassing the ball bearings. The voltage generated by the turbine generator is 140-180 V. Its rotor speed is 55000 - 65000 rpm.