Gas generator of R-3S rocket

Газогенератор Р3С

The gas generator is a powder pressure accumulator. The gases generated by its operation are used to drive the steering wheel and turbine of the turbine generator. The gas generator consists of two parts: the gas generator itself and the candlestick. The charge of 9 gas generator, made of powder NAP-2, is armored on the outer surface with an insulating tape and nitro-oleum varnish 10. Four 3 mm diameter holes were drilled at the front end of the charge to force the gas generator output to the operating mode.

The gas generator pyro-candle is placed in the housing 4. Inside it there is a pyrotechnic composition 7. For its ignition the pyrograph is equipped with an ignition thread made of nichrome wire covered with an initiating composition. The thread is soldered to the body of the pyrotechnic candle and to the contact 13, strengthened in the plastic sleeve 12. Body 8 of the gas generator is connected to the body of the pyro-candle by rolling after the gas generator equipment. There are 24 holes for gas outlet in the cigarette case. On the outside they are covered with a filter 11, which is held in place by a ring 3 with windows. The spring washer 6 prevents the gas generator charge from moving in the casing during transportation.