Боевая часть УР Р-3С

Battle unit (BC) missiles are designed to defeat fighter jets, tactical and strategic bombers of the enemy. The defeat of the target is carried out by fragments obtained by crushing the BC hull during the explosion and blast action. The combat unit is equipped with two fuses: a contact one, triggered by a direct hit, and a non-contact one, reacting to the thermal radiation of the target. The contact fuse is located in the second compartment of the missile, while the non-contact fuse is in the fourth.

The casing of the combat unit is cylindrical in shape and consists of a shell with the bottom 1 soldered to it and the neck 6. Inside the casing there is an explosive substance (BB) 9, poured into the plastic shell 3. The TGAF-5 explosive is an alloy of hexogen, TNT and aluminum powder. To ensure safety during equipment and operation of the combat unit, the explosive charge on the neck side has a TNT plug 5. Charging of the BB case is carried out through the neck 6 .

The plastic shell has 1240 pyramidal recesses alternating with rectangular sites. The dents in the shell when a combat unit explodes cause a cumulative effect and the formation of a given number of fragments of almost equal mass and size. A glass 10 is soldered into the bottom of the BC shell, which accommodates the contact fuse safety and execution mechanism fixed to the steering compartment. The throat 6 of the case is closed with a lid with a glass 8. This cup contains the non-contact fuse safety and execution mechanism.

Four clamps 12 are used to attach the combat unit to the adjacent compartments. The clamps are held on screws 11. When screws are screwed in, the clamps are attracted to the inner surface of the bottom and neck bores and the wedge-shaped part goes over the shoulder of the corresponding bores of the adjacent compartments. When screws are unscrewed, the clamps are pressed by springs 2.

Technical specifications

Radius of effective target engagement, m 10–11
Explosive substance TGAF-5
Overall dimensions, mm
            - diameter
            - length
Weight, kg 11.3
Fragment number not less than 1000
Average mass of one shard, g 2.8
Flight angle 90% shrapnel 10-16°
Initial splinter velocity, m/s 1800
Weight, kg 5.2