Unguided rocket projectile 9M53F

Снаряд 9М53Ф

The 9M53F Unguided Rocket Projectile has a powerful shrapnel-phase detachable head end.

The head unit is equipped with a remote electronic-mechanical contact fuse 9E260-1 (designed by Research Institute "Search", St. Petersburg) with a remote installation of the type of action on a three-wire communication line. Probability of trouble-free operation of the fuse is 0.98, warranty period - 10.5 years, temperature range from -50° to +50° C.

Main tactical and technical characteristics of 9M53F projectile:

  • 122 millimeter,
  • the projectile mass is 70 kg,
  • head mass is 26 kg,
  • gunpowder charge weight - 21 kg,
  • range of fire is 5 to 20.5 km,