Characteristics of projectile 9M43

Снаряд 9М43

The 9M43 Jet Smoke Rocket Missile is designed to set up and maintain a cloaking and blinding veil before the enemy and their troops to reduce the effectiveness of enemy fire. The head unit is a cassette missile that can be opened in flight.

When firing at one point 10 projectiles a continuous smoke screen is formed which is not visible by observation and guidance devices operating in the range of electromagnetic radiation spectrum from 0.4 to 14.0 µm.

Main tactical and technical characteristics:

  • 122 mm caliber
  • the projectile mass is 66 kg,
  • the number of smoke-smoking elements is 5 pcs,
  • range of fire - 5 - 20.2 km,
  • dimensions of radiation at the front - 1000m,
  • the dimensions of radiation at a depth of 800m,
  • smoke formation time - 320s.