Tactical and technical characteristics ARGSN 9B-1103M


Monopulse Doppler Active Homing Radar Head (ARGHS) 9B-1103M is designed for installation on "air-air" and "surface-air" missiles.

The ARGSN 9B-1103M provides:

  • search, capture and tracking of moving targets by radar of air carriers or anti-aircraft systems,
  • measuring the angular coordinates, target angular velocities and approach velocity of the target missile,
  • formation and transmission of signals for missile control systems via digital communication line.


  • Coordinator
  • Transmitter
  • Monopulse direction finding receiver channel
  • A digital computer system consisting of a control machine and a signal processor.

Operation modes ARGSN 9B-1103M

  • Fully self-contained (active) by initial target designation without radar support of other radars in flight ("let-forget" mode);
  • inertial-corrected by radar stations;
  • reprogramming mode, when the user can enter a new program for the onboard computer.
Target acquisition range with EPR 5 m2, km not less than 20
Range of the radiocorrection channel (from a MiG-29 aircraft IRS), km up to 50
Body diameter, mm 200
Length (without fairing), mm 600
Weight (without fairing), kg not more than 14.5
Ready time after pre-turn-on for 2 min., s not more than 1.5