Schematic of the 9A33BM3 Osa-AKM combat vehicle

Схема боевой машины 9А33БМ3 Оса-АКМ

  1. fume extractor;
  2. process hatch;
  3. filling neck;
  4. vent cover;
  5. access hatch to the missile system compartment;
  6. vertical guidance module;
  7. target detection station (TDS) antenna;
  8. containers with missiles;
  9. PU 9P35M2 turning part;
  10. guidance system;
  11. tele-optical vizier,
  12. footsteps;
  13. radio contact antenna;
  14. a headlight with a light protection device;
  15. towing hooks;
  16. crew entrance hatch;
  17. reflective shield;
  18. antennas of command transfer stations (CCTS) and missiles sighting stations (SVR).