Unguided rocket projectile M28A1 RRPR

Неуправляемый реактивный снаряд М28А1 RRPR

The M28A1, also known as the RRPR (reduced range practice rocket), is a MLRS training and unmanned projectile designed to train MLRS operational units to simulate the firing of M26 rounds. It provides safe, realistic firing training. Starting date of entry into the troops is September 1993.

The M28A1 rocket engine is similar to that of the M26 projectile, the head unit is made in inert. A special module with software is used to recognize and launch the RRPR projectile. TPK with M28A1 projectiles is equipped with an additional device for opening the blades of the stabilizer unit.

Technical specifications

Caliber, mm 227
Length, mm
            - shell
            - header
Missile range, km
            - minimum
            - maximum
Weight, kg:
            - shell
            - header